Big Bad Wolf

Big Bad Wolf is the story of Graham Winters, Alpha of his pack, who is bored to tears with the women in his life. He's had them all. Werewolves and vampires alike. But never a human. Never wanted one. Never would. What he wants now, is his mate. Which he finds in Melissa, a human kindergarten teacher. Now he must convince Missy that she is his mate while in the meantime, his cousin, Curtis, is plotting to take Graham's place in the pack, using every werewolf tradition he can find against him.

I'll be damned. The big bad wolf is a big bad barbarian.

If the grunting of one word sentences during sex isn't enough, it's the complete caveman mentality that Missy is going to sit where he tells her, live where he tells her, and speak as he tells her. And we're still on the first date!..if it can be called even that.

In reality, he had no intention of ever asking her to move in with him again. She'd figure it out for herself after their first cub was born."

Excuse me? I honestly didn't know how to feel about the guy. I'm all for the possessive, 'mine', outlook.. but that's a bit much.

Then when- finally - Missy gets to talk and voice her wonder at how after being acquainted with each other for 6 weeks and after walking down the aisle beside each other at their friends' wedding, that he suddenly notices her existence now and to the point where he won't let her out of the room.. Graham gets a little bitty wake up call.

Still confounded on why a claimed and pregnant female was required to participate in a matehunt.. but okay...

And who the heck did Logan take down during the mate hunt? Who got Samantha? These things I wanna know!

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