Elemental Magic

Bargain With The Wind

With a servant as narrarator, 'Bargain...' is the story of newly made lord of Grey Moraine and his meeting and wedding of a young woman whom he becomes instantly smitten with. A fine story it was, one that I could imagine being passed along generations much as it said it was. Blown away though, when Nettie went all Sixth Sense on me. Still, I would have preferred a different POV. Didn't care much for Nettie's perspective.


If the first was meant to be a Cinderella tale, then this was surely Aladdin. Elrick was a mage, and a seller of maps. Which Arasa needed if she were to make the journey that would make clear once and for all just who, whether it be herself or her twin sister, had been the firstborn child, thus the heir to the throne.

Have to wonder why the most obvious of solutions ended up being a big 'omg' moment though.


A young woman stumbles upon a stranger at a cave pool, and suddenly she is the prime candidate to bring down a spy.

This one had little romance, although more than the first... well sorta, in a roundabout way. I haven't read Carol Berg's work since high school. It was nice making a return visit.

Huntress Moon

To get her ailing mother the treatment she needs, Zarah agrees to become a slave and is sent as a spy to her new master.

This is, quite honestly, the best of the book. Not only is it fairly obvious from the get-go that the author isn't planning on holding anything back but this was the only actual love story of the bunch. Magic, psychics, and werewolves. Hands down, the winner.

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