Ripped from the world of Lisa Renee Jones' Knights of White world, with only minor changes, Eternally is just as good as those it mirrors.

Kieran is a Guardian in our world, fighter against the demons that tear through the portals of other planes of existence. It has been centuries since his mortal death and he has survived victorious in countless battles alone, without a Mate.Without the strengths one would give him. Without the powers... and without the distraction.

So when he finds his Destined Mate in one Julie Carpenter, his reluctance, and her disbelief in the existence of demons and the threat against her, becomes the main event. When a shared kiss atop his extravagant home only deepens their connection when the visions of one another's pasts play out in each other's minds. Kieran discovers Julie's ex-husband has run away with her money, car, and her best friend while Julie relives Kieran's death upon a 16th century battlefield, where, as a Knight to Queen Mary, Kieran is struck down by his wife's lover.

THIS is a book I would have written. I loved every word out of Kieran's mouth, and the demon was beautifully sadistic and just... awesome. The best I've read this year!

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