Immortal Lover

In The Empath, chick didn't know she was a wolf. In Enemy Lover, woman wanted and nearly succeeded in killing her draicaron. Now, in Immortal Wolf, the complications just keep getting more chaotic.

Emily has always been blessed with the gift of healing. Until recently. A year ago, her goddess came to her in a dream and told her there is a balance between life and death. Since then, the touch that once healed now only kills. Now cursed, she is meant to be put to death by the Kallan, the only Draicon capable of killing his own kind without punishment or penalty.

The immortal Kallan is Raphael. We first met him in the previous book. He is Damian's brother in heart.

The further complication? Knowing her death is near, Emily cries out telepathically for her mate. And finds him. He tells her his name is Amant. She tells him her name is Erin.

You can guess the situation.

I should have mentioned these in the prior blogs of this series, since it happens in every book, but the author just loves to have the characters notice something or understand something... and we, as readers, have no idea what it meant. Over and over again. From computers, to eye color, to fur color, to ... just weird random moments.

What grates even more, but in a better way, is how these stories are built up as if there's no possible way the charcters can overcome the obstacle. Then *bam* the answer is there. Simple enough. No farfetched, crazy schemes, but at the same time, you never suspect it to be the way out.

This book expressed exactly that. Emily, cursed as she is, last born of the pure Draicon, but birthed by a mother that abandoned the pack. The smallest detail of her existence made the difference.

And I wanted to slap the hell out of the book for being so aptly named.

"All the cabins are free. A little musty maybe, but you guys remember how to clean."

"That's what females are for," Damian said with a straight face, and then he laughed at Emily's scowl. "Don't tell my mate," he added.

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