Into The Mist

Eli sat at the bar, expecting nothing much. Then walks in Ty. Green eyes. Halter top. No bra. Tight jeans and combat boots. In a pinch, his dream girl.

He gets her back to his place where she tries to drug him. But Eli - a mist shapeshifter - is too observant to be duped. So Ty falls back to plan B... sex. Mistake number one. Hours later, both are faking sleep in the dark. Then Ty slips from his bed and starts ransacking his living room, looking for god knows what. In mist form, Eli follows, watching every move she makes. Suddenly Ty whips around, eyes straight on him. She grabs up a can of aerosal and blows him a couple feet back, demanding he shift and show himself.

So a little bit of shifting and kung fu ass kicking later, Ty's out the door and on her way back to headquarters. Eli is left trying to figure out who she was and how she knew what the hell he was. Meanwhile, Ty is left with the jitters, and has to explain to three very protective 'brothers' (teammates in her Falcon Mercenary Group) what has her so off. Which she does. Mistake number two.

As it is, Tyana's brother Damiano was working with Eli when whatever happened turned them into shifters. But while Eli and, supposedly, his men have taken control of their new powers, D is losing his mind over his lack of control over his. Ty, with her remaining companions/brothers: Mad Dog and Jonah, trying to figure out what Eli knows and how to get that intelligence for themselves.

I guess, 'hey, how do you that?' was too simple, eh?

Her brothers are great. She's closest with D (Damiano)... then Mad Dog is the oldest, more of the fatherly older sibling type.. and then Jonah is their leader.

Finally, another book where I can't stop saying good stuff about it! Yum Yum Yum. Loved it! Fast paced, a lot of action, even more emotion, but easily followed. Every character found in a way to the heart. Each team is so loyal and protective one another. And yet, Eli and Ty are both strong souls who have overcome lonely pasts. Both were thrown away by their families and have no one else to trust but their teams; their brothers.

It was so heart felt, when Ty comes to face her feelings and she admits she doesn't know if she loves Eli, doesn't know if she *can* love anyone outside her team. But she needs him. Having their relationship go from kicking each others' ass to having Eli go through the motions of realizing Ty is his equal. She gets what he's coming from. Their way of life is perfectly matched. And then the need to beat her becomes the need to protect her. Sex stops being sex. And finally, when the walls break, intimacy is actually shared between them.


Love, language, knives, guns, intel, computer hacking, cross country flights just to take a break. Oh so many goodies!

Easily makes my top reads of 2010. Joining Wolf in Waiting and Eternally.

Oh so goooood!

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