Wolf Flight

When I first read the synopsis for Wolf Signs and the one for Wolf Flight... Flight sounded better.

I was wrong. While this one was good, Tad's girliness was a turn off. He wanted true love. He wanted forever. And he wouldn't do anything with anyone that wasn't his soulmate. Which is all good and all until it turns into exactly what Tad turned it into. Blind , whining foolishness.

Missy is an Omega on the run from her pack. Her brother-in-law has killed her husband of an arranged marriage and now wants her for himself. She meets up with Tad, a childhood friend who's been crushing on her since he was sixteen, in a pure business related situation. What transpires from there is anything but.

And Tad, who's been needing the trigger to fully grasp the wolf inside him, winds up in his first death match.

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