Wolf Signs

Robyn's brother pulls out of their ski trip last minute, and she's just fine with that. Although she's deaf, she can take care of herself, and gods help the one that insists otherwise.

Her first night at the cabin, she visits a newly constructed sauna, and soon after has a startling introduction to TJ and his older brother, Keil. The two are the definition of awesome. From TJ's goofy, inappropriate comments to Keil's first thrown punch in response to them.

Keil and TJ, both werewolves, have escaped to the cabin for a week of peace before Keil is expected to challenge Jack, another wolf, to be Alpha of their pack. The last thing either expected was to find a female - a female that doesn't even know she's a wolf.

Despite my hesitations with this one, based on freaky warnings posted on Amazon, once TJ and Keil entered the picture in the beginning of chapter two it was all good from there. Iz happy.

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