Hunting Season

Books like this remind me why I love men.

Yager is adorable. Tye is almost perfect. And Mike is freakin hilarious.

I'm not one that likes women, especially in large groups... or flocks. Neecy kept ticking me off. I like Arri. Not so much Janelle.

The guys were the best. That little seed and meat trick of Tye's was legendary. Best part: "Holy shit! Okay. Breathe, Yager. Breathe!"

And I can't be the only one who thinks it's odd to live your life servine Skuld or Odin, meanwhile crying out 'Jesus Christ'...

All in all, really good book. Too bad the author said this on her website:

Will you continue the Magnus Pack or The Gathering series?

Although I do plan to continue the Magnus Pack series with Nessa Sheridan and Aleksei Vorislav's story and The Gathering series with Arri Chang and Mike Molinski, due to my current writing schedule I'm not sure when that will be.

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