Seeing Eye Mate

Came across thie one when book two in the series intrigued me. This is book one.

Caelan is Prime of his pack. Another term for alpha I suppose. There's a murderer on the loose, killing the female mates of surrounding packs. His is one of the only left yet to fall prey to the psycho. While hunting the bastard responsible, Caelan can only feel greatful that he hasn't yet found his mate, although the elders have divulged that they sense he will find her soon.

"Eight ball. Corner pocket."

First line of the book. Simple enough, I was interested.

While shooting a game of pool with his brother Eli at a local bar, Tieran walks in. Her car has broken down outside thanks to the meddling of her dead grandmother who converses with her inside her head. Yeah, Tieran's a psychic and medium.

And poor Caelan has found his mate.

Since I know some things about book two... being Eli's story and all... I know Eli isn't the killer. But all evidence is saying he is.

I loved the characters. Caelan was picture perfect when it comes to my perceptions of male wolf shapeshifter. Not so sure how accurate that perception is, but Cael was ideal to mine. When he protected Tieran with his body on the floor in front of the window, and had to bite her neck to get her to stop moving... it was so canine. Why haven't I seen that in a book before??

The end was too predictable that it actually upset me to have so much fun only for the end to be so cliche. I wanted a twist.

I'm not posting the cover. The guy is just too damn ugly.

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