Wolf Rain

Hot fiery damn!

Well, okay, maybe that's too much excitement, but the sex really was good. All my faves. LoL

In a world where Shifters are the bad things that go bump in the night, Diana is trying to get home before it gets dark. And yet, the creatures are evolving and the hour when they may walk the earth in their wolf form comes earlier and earlier. As a small pack gathers around her, Diana calls upon the memories of all her father has taught her and prepares to defend herself.

Then emerges Harm. A man, partial shifter, that comes to her rescue and takes them down with nothing more than his bare hands.

Best part, aside from the first few sexual encounters (as they continue they become rather repetitious) is the blowup/hissy fit/break down that Harm suffers after he finds out Diana has been working scientific magic in a rented storage closet. Crazy fool.

Though the end was abrupt, and the epilogue too girly... me liked the beginning. And that was enough to leave me satisfied.

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