Stefan's Mark

Another cover reject.

Sidney's father hunts werewolves, that which Sidney doesn't even believe exist. Until, that is, she finds her father's latest captive chained in her basement. A very cryptic conversation lately, a little mind seduction, a kiss, and a very clear message that she now belongs to him, the man then escapes. He leaves behind only the promise that he will return for her and also, his jacket.

Four years later, Sidney flees her father's prison of a home and escapes with he friend Jaclyn to Mardi Gras. To this day, she still wears the torn jacket given to her by the man that haunts her dreams and hopes.

When Stefan comes to claim her, nothing will stop him. He even drugs her when she refuses to come willingly.

Soon though, he's not the only guy showing up looking for a piece of Sydney. Even Mike, the man who once worked with her father comes calling.

Why does everyone want to fuck Sidney?

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