Through The Veil (pt 2)

"Whaddya know… a man looking at me really can rock my world."

Through the Veil... (spoilers)

It is the story of a land at war. In part, it is the story of man's love for a woman. A brother's love for a brother. And a father's love for his daughter.

What can I say? It was good. It was deep. It provoked thought and consideration.

Not quite as climactic as I expected going in though. Not so much as shocking as just.. every life coming together, sorting themselves out, until there was just a little more peace left to the survivors.

When Lee died... when the men had to pull Kalen away from her, grabbing and wrenching at his limbs to keep him back... it was emotional. A lot of questions were answered at the end- just how Lee, aka Lelia, aka Lelena, was able to keep crossing through the Veil those twenty years. How she got to 'our' world. What happened to her parents.

It was fulfilling to have Lee remember the times shared with Kalen as he, too, was growing up.

All the bases covered.

Yays for another book well written!

Even Kalen had a little wolf in him...
He bounced back from the disbelief, to the irrational fury. He swung back around to her and closed the distance between them. Fisting one hand in the soft, silky shirt she wore under her cavinir, he jerked her up onto her toes. "Why did he touch you? What did he want?"

Her soft blue eyes weren't so soft as she glared at him. They blazed like blue flame, and fury flushed her face a delicate pink. She closed her hand around his wrist and tugged in an attempt to dislodge his grip. "I don't know what he wanted. And would you quit acting like you found us rolling naked on the ground?"

Oh, now, that was the completely wrong thing to say. That image exploded in Kalen's mind and he jerked Lee forward. Her soft, strong body crashed into his as he lowered his mouth to hers. "Don't let him touch you again, Lee. You hear me?"

Any answer she might have made, he smothered with his lips. She wouldn't open for him. He angled her chin and squeezed her jaw until her mouth opened. The taste of her hit his system like a lightning bolt, electrifying and breath-stealing. Lee's hands pushed at his shoulders and she twisted in his arms even though her lips clung to his. He lifted her body in his arms and turned, pressing her against the wall. "You can't understand what it does to me, thinking about somebody else touching you," he murmured against her lips. He fisted his hand in the silky strands of her hair and jerked her neck to the side.

"Let go, Kalen." Then she moaned as he raked his teeth down the arch of her neck. Her hands fisted in his shirt and she pulled him closer, arching her hips and pumping against him. She circled her pelvis against his in a mad little shimmy, and those rocking, teasing gyrations had him gritting his teeth.

"Let go?" he repeated. He slid a hand down her side, over her hip, along her thigh, until he could cup her knee and bring it up high. Then he stepped between her thighs and pressed against her. She was wet and hot, he could feel it through the layers of their clothes, and he could smell her hunger in the air, wrapping around him. He could feel her own need in the way she moved against him, the way her hands clung to him even as she tried to push him back. "You don't seem to want me to let go."

"Bastard," she muttered. He nipped her earlobe and then lifted his head, watching as she slammed her head back against the wall and glared at him. Her face was flushed, color riding high on her cheeks, and under the fringe of her lashes, her soft blue eyes glittered hot as flame.

Lee squirmed against him and then brought up her other leg, hooking her ankles together at the small of his back. Kalen snarled as need blistered and burned through him. It was a demanding scream in his brain, and he couldn't think of anything but getting her naked. Didn't she understand she was his?

"I have been waiting for you," he muttered against her mouth. "For years. For this." He tangled a hand in the silky blond tresses and pulled, arching her head back and baring her neck. He scraped his teeth down the smooth white flesh and bit down lightly where neck and shoulder joined. "Just waiting for this. Can you understand that?"

He didn't wait for an answer, just kissed her hard and rough before continuing. "Then you let another man touch you. I don't want another man touching you. Not for anything."

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