To Catch A Wolf



Book one. To Catch A Wolf. Pages in, and with the aftermath of To Tempt A Wolf still kindling my soul, I had to step back. By gods, this woman can write!!

Five years ago, Braith ended the relationship with the love of his life, Sorcha, because her pack wanted him gone. He grabbed a few things from the surface of their shared dresser and fled, taking, unbeknownst to him, the Masti (an amulet that held the power to control Sorcha's people.)

Now that seems to be a gaping whole in the story as to, other than the fact her father made it, wtf was Sorcha doing with that thing?

Meghi makes her first appearance in this one. And Cadon is mentioned.

When Sorcha shows up in his bedroom, scarred from being beaten, Braith knows he's not about to let his mate go ever again.

Good. Very good. Not as great as the second book though.
The next, which is a WIP at the moment with the author is Meghi's story.

The next book in the series, tentatively titled "To Kill a Wolf", is hers. I have paired her up with a no nonsense half-breed demon Droi named Callious. And she has definitely met her match with this one. I'm not sure which part I enjoy writing more-- the nookie or the dialog. Callious is the brain child of a very close friend. I can only hope that I do him, and the character, their due justice. Back to the grindstone! And as always...

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