A Wolf's Tale

A Wolf's Tale by Honey Jans

Gina Sinclair is trying to look after her grandma's best interests, and the family estate, as she fends off attempts to drive her out and send grandma to a rest home. Mitchell Wolf is a creature trying to uphold his clan's blood oath. When Gina's grandmother secretly hires him to protect her granddaughter, he can't believe his luck. Protecting Gina will absolve his clan from a centuries old bond, and the estate is said to hold the key to his survival.

Posing as a mild mannered accountant, he moves into the estate to conduct an inventory, and finds his hands full trying to protect Gina from danger while trying to surreptitiously search for the key. From the moment they meet, Gina is suspicious of him, and at the same time attracted to him. For his part, Mitch doesn't want to want this woman but she fires his senses like a human woman shouldn't. The more time they spend together the hotter it gets. She realizes he's not all he seems. Find out if red riding hood can turn the tables on the big bad wolf by reading A Wolf's Tale.

So, yeah, the cover is beyond retarded. And the author drives me to make funny faces when she does stuff like describing one character as 'five foot twelve'... but overall, it was a very nice story.

Mitch Wolf, aka Mitch Lamb, has been hired by Libby Sinclair to protect her grand-daughter, Gina, who appears to be having one accident after another. Truth is, someone wants her out of the way.

Meanwhile, Mitch has his own interest in the Sinclair estate. It is said, somewhere inside, it the means of which to heal him. To save him from the curse that will force him into his wolf form, and soon after die.

Mitch was nice. Gina was predictable. Michael, Mitch's younger brother, was the typical, amusing little brat of a cub that just made you laugh and love him. The ending though- it had me baffled. What saved Mitch? B&D??

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