Fight for Love: Sons of Lyra #3

Lieutenant Lyra IV is as sinfully handsome and irresistible as his elder brothers, but the one woman he wants seems to be immune to his charm. Every man in his squadron is falling over themselves to win her. Literally. When the reward is getting to see her, not even he can stop himself from getting hurt in training every day. Losing feels like winning when he ends up on her inspection table, and the pain means nothing when she touches him.

Nurse Emmanuelle knows exactly what the devilishly tempting and handsome Lieutenant Lyra IV is doing and she’s not going to fall for it or his attempts to make her call him by his first name, Remi. It’s her duty to keep her distance and maintain a professional relationship with him, even if her heart and body is crying out for more.

The youngest of the sons of Lyra, Remi is still making his way in the military world. Some years ago, during a battle on Varkan Two, he lost his left arm and had it replaced with a form of prosthetic. Since then, he's never felt completely whole.

But that doesn't stop him from finally laying claim to the one woman he wants for himself when time presses him to act. He's been recalled to Varkan Two, and this time he swears he's coming back no less than when he goes in.


Anonymous said...

don't he look a lil feminine to you? he does to me?

Ragan said...

Now that you mention it...