Heart of a Commander: Daughters of Lyra 4

Lieutenant Amerii, one of the beautiful and strong daughters of Lyra, wants nothing more than to prove herself to her captain and the army without her father, Captain Lyra III’s, help… except maybe one thing. Van, Count of Aeris and attendant to Emperor Varka has been on her mind since she met him at her cousin Sophia’s wedding, and she wants to see him again.

Charged with the duty of meeting the Varkan first fleet at Varka Two, Amerii is pleasantly surprised when the commander turns out to be Van, and he wants her to be the one to join him on his vessel to sign the contract between Varka and Lyra. When she meets him again, he’s more handsome than she remembered, and she resolves to risk the violence of his bloodlust to make him hers.

Yes! The Varkans are back!

Amerii is daughter of Acer (remember Mr Vicious?) and Stella. Do you also remember Regis pretended to be the Varkan emperor's first assistant? Yes? Good. No? Why aren't you paying attention!!

Well, there was a second assistant named Van, Count of Aeris, in that story. And he's back in this one as the love interest of Amerii, who is Sophia's cousin and best friend.

Amerii isn't getting the respect she deserves from her captain and fellow crew members, but when her ship is given the responsibility of formalizing the pact made in Heart of an Emperor, Amerii is given the responsibility of signing the papers.

Once aboard the Varkan ship, Van isn't letting her go. Especially with Wraiths lurking around.

Having spent the last year haunted by erotic dreams of her Varkan stud, Amerii isn't letting go either.
"Where,” he muttered, his voice trembling. He kissed up to her jaw and she tilted her head to one side. “Tell me where I bite you."

She had never had to say things like this before. It was embarrassing and only made worse by the fact that she was talking about her fantasies with the object of them.

She cleared her throat and stroked his chest, slowly moving towards the buttons of his jacket. She needed to feel him skin on skin with her. She wanted to see the svelte body that she knew his uniform concealed.

He kissed her shoulder.

"Here?” he whispered and she nodded. He took hold of her wrist, stopping her attempts to get him naked, and kissed the inside of it. “Here?"

She nodded again.

His hands grazed her stomach. “Here?"

She bit her lip and nodded.

He stepped up to her and pressed a solitary kiss to her throat. “Here?"

She moaned her reply.

"More than once?"

"Almost every time,” she whispered and trembled when he closed his lips around her throat and sucked. She ached for him to bite her, her body tightening and yearning for his touch.

"Do you know what a bite here means?” His voice was a sultry whisper in her ear, sending warm shivers dancing down her spine. "If I bite you here.” He spoke the words between kisses against her throat. Each kiss made her temperature rise a little more until she was burning with need. “It means that you are mine."

Yeah, I like verbal play.

There was a little bit of Regis in Van because, duh, same race. Same culture. Same upbringing. Van also mimicked Kosen's self worth issues. But while Kosen's sense of unworthiness came from the choices he had made in life, Van's were spawned from rank and birth.

Something as beautiful as her could never want a monster like him. He wasn't Regis. He couldn't love and he didn't have a kingdom to offer to a beautiful maiden. He had nothing.

The ending was far more violent than the ones before. Poor Van. Poor bloody and beaten Van.

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