One Eye Open

Two years ago, Carson's wife, child and pet were gunned down by whom Carson believes was his partner, Alex, in the DEA. Since his own recovery from the brink of the death, he has hunted his former friend for answers. And for justice.

He's not the only one looking. Brenna,Alex's twin sister, has her own reasons for finding him. When their paths cross, Carson decides to take Brenna captive as his bait.

So I liked this...

“You know they’ll want to debrief you.”

“Later. I’ve got to talk to Brenna.”

Alex’s gaze sharpened. “What do you want with her?”

“My entire future.”

“Really?” Alex’s voice seemed unnecessarily curt. The steely glint in his dark eyes carried a warning.

“Damned if I’m going to ask your permission.”

And I think of all people, Carson took finding out Brenna was a werewolf the best...

“I won’t let you hurt her. She’s my sister. I love her.”

“I do, too.” Lowering his gaze, Carson looked at Brenna as he spoke. Her eyes filled with tears. “I love you.”

She sat up, grimacing as the movement caused her pain. “Even though you know what I am?”

Carson hesitated. As an undercover agent, he’d thought he’d seen it all. Now he realized he’d barely scratched the surface.

“What are you?”

“We’re shape-shifters.” Brenna’s low voice was edgy, yet controlled. “We’re an ancient race.”


“In a way.” Alex shrugged. “Though we rarely howl at the moon. And we can control it, for the most part. We aren’t compelled to change because of a full moon or anything like that. We try to integrate ourselves into society and live normal lives among humans. Insiders know us as the Pack.”

Carson turned to Brenna. “You once referred to your family that way.”

She nodded, her expression watchful.

“This all sounds like some movie of the week.”

“Yeah.” Alex gave a short laugh. “Or a good book.”

“Yet it all makes sense. Your eyes, the way you move, your confidence.”

Brenna grinned. “Like that, do you?”

Alex coughed, drawing both their frowns. “Still, we are not human.”

“Are you immortal?”

“No. Though we heal much faster, our life spans are the same as yours.”

Tilting his head, Carson considered the woman he loved. “Let me get this straight. You live, you die. You eat, you sleep, you breathe. Like me. Right?”

Brenna nodded, her expression tight.

“So the only difference is that you can change into a wolf at will.”

Again she gave a nod, still watching Carson with shuttered eyes.

Throat tight, Carson managed to lift one shoulder in a shrug. “So who cares?”


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yeah, he did took that well.

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