Seducing A Walflower

All Nia Reynolds has known is being seen and not heard. Being the only one in her family to not have magical ability is hard. On her thirtieth birthday, all Nia wants is to do something different. When she enters Sensual Were on a dare from Jacinda, she doesn't expect the instant attraction to sexy store manager Bishop Steward.

Bishop has had his eye on the sweet and innocent Nia since he first came to Strange Hollow. After being publicly shunned by his pack and his mate, he came to Strange Hollow to recuperate and be among outcasts like himself. Now that his heart is mended, he wants to go after love again and has Nia in his sights. This wallflower doesn’t stand a chance against his onslaught. So what if he insists of public displays of a sexual nature, can’t stop whispering sweet, dirty nothings in her ear, and gives her a birthday to remember? It’s only for a night, right? A sexy werewolf like him wouldn’t want a shy girl like her? Right? Wrong--and he's got a lot of tricks up his sleeve to convince her she’s just what he wants.

It should be no secret that if you're in the mood for a book with no hold's bar, down and dirty and to the point kind of kink, then Liquid Silver books is where you need to be.

So I can't help but giggle at some of the events of this book. I don't think I could ever walk around an adult toy store with a guy that's fourth thing out of his mouth is "I want you" soon to be followed by "'I bet your pussy would taste so good. Are you wet for me, Nia? Do you ache for me?'"

Yeah, not me.

It was erotic. It was vulgar. It was kinky.

All things considered, it was surprisingly good.


Redd(Neena) said...

You giggled? *raised eyebrows*

Ragan said...

I used to giggle *every* time I read an erotica. Now, just went toys are present.

Redd(Neena) said...