A Taste of Haven: Alexander Wolves #1

Haven Smith is a shifter who has never shifted. She spends her evenings protecting women and children from the men who would hurt them. She likes her solitary life just fine, until one night she meets a man who changes her world forever. Adam is determined to take Haven to meet the family she doesn't remember and show her that she deserves love--his love.

Long ago convinced by her mother that the wolf inside her was evil, Haven is determined to keep the animal part of her at bay and isn't above cutting herself to do it. The increased strength and sense of hearing, though, she uses to her advantage, spending her nights as a vigilante for abused women and children.

When an attack leaves her face broken and bloodied, she nurses her pride at a local bar and comes face to face with her own hero, one surrounded by the cleansing, calming scent of pine and fresh air.

Adam has been sent to bring home his Alpha Nolan's long lost sister. After a month of watching her put herself in danger over and over again, he's forced to step in and finds himself reluctant to step back afterward.

The attraction between Adam and Haven builds swiftly and feverishly. Both are very open to their budding feelings for eachother despite the unexpected complications his presence, and that of her pack, bring to Haven's remote existence. Not to mention the new threat emerging to both of them.

I didn't think the blurb for this one did it justice. 'Protecting women and children' isn't a strong enough statement. Haven kicks some serious ass on behalf of these victims. There's a good amount of violence. And poor Adam.

Still, I didn't expect the Fae.

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