Dark Succession: True Mates #2

Dark Succession
True Mates, book 2
Published April 20th 2010 by Freya's Bower

Nora Hunt is the daughter of former pack leader Sean Hunt and niece to Kieran Hunt. Emotionally and physically scarred after being held captive for weeks, she's finally ready to move on with her life. But when she meets Ryland, she discovers not only a world of darkness and pain, but discovers Ryland may not be any better than those who held her captive all those weeks.

When Ryland Keegan steps in as Alpha of his dead brother's pack, he inherits a pack of savage rogue wolven, as well as a legacy of violence, lies and five women held captive within the pack's confines.

But when Ryland's pack members start dying one at a time, he must decide if Nora is the catalyst or the killer. Can he trust his True Mate? Or will he be relegated to a life of leading the dregs of Wolven society?

“Just let me hold you for a while, mate.”

How do you turn a villain into a hero? Give him a chance to tell his side of the story.

Ryland is altogether a different man in this book in comparison to the first. Not that *he* changed. Just the perspective. With his brother now dead, Ryland has inherited the pack (a group of misfit rogues) and a den (an underground concrete stronghold). His life as a shifter is totally screwy. Then he finds his True Mate in Nora, the she-wolf tortured by hyena shifters in the first book. She's also the niece of Kieran, the alpha mate of the woman Ryland once tried to claim.

He escaped and strode across the hall to his own. Inside, he closed the door, leaned against it, and shut his eyes. Now what?

Meeting his mate hadn’t exactly been on today’s agenda. He wasn’t sure how to proceed. Just like their wolf cousins, shewolves chose their mates, despite the rare paring of True Mates. And like the wolves, they usually chose the strongest in a pack. But it wasn’t always the case. Sometimes, they chose entirely by their heart. That’s what scared him. Ryland didn’t know how to court a female. They’d always come running to him. And since none of those females had managed to touch it, he was sure he didn’t have a heart.

Ryland's feelings toward finding Nora teeter a bit in the beginning. He's proud when she stands up to him but later, as he doesn't know what she's been through, Nora shows fear from the memories of her past and Ryland is disgusted by it. His True Mate is a coward. Nora, too, is humiliated by her terror but the stronger emotion is the attraction she feels for Ryland. For the first time in her life, she finds herself wanting a male's attention, even wanting a mate.

Facing a threat to his status as alpha and working to correct the errors of his predecessor, Ryland is torn between what's right and what's best for the pack and for their kind. All the while Nora is there, slowly bonding with him on an emotional level as the need to claim her only exacerbates his very fragile predicament. This one had more of a murder mystery side to it with a very interesting shock factor. Joshua isn't who Ryland always thought he was. And Nora has known Ryland for longer than she remembers.

Then when Nora finds out the truth about Ryland's attempts against Anna... And Ryland sees Nora's scars for himself... OMG goodness! I'm not even sure what it was about this story that hit just the right spot for me. It just did.

I was all about some Ryland though. Anna and Nora are on about the same level with me but Ryland blew Kieran so far out of the water you might want to look for him along the stratosphere.

"You have to see what you are before you can see what you are to me."

Uh huh. Smexy. Ryland is probably the first character I seriously wanted to gobble up. The desk sex was smoldering. The battle of wills that joined the ride just upped the heat. The suspense, though, was going to be the death of me. 5 out of 5 stars.

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I can't scream about this enough! After four books of cliffhangers, I finally got -what I thought- was a happy ever after in book five, Never Cry Werewolf. But no... apparently we're meant to bathe in the bliss of finally having Sasha accept (Max) Hunter as her mate *OR* Banks is back to rip everything she did to shreds. I'm nervous either way. I had no idea this book even existed!

Thanks to Redd I have my very own hard copy to bang against the desk should anything go wrong. I can't very well whip around my Kindle can I?

My review for Never Cry Werewolf is here in case you're curious why I thought it was the end of the series. Warning- it has major spoilers.


Secret government operative Sasha Trudeau earned a long vacation with her lover and fellow Shadow Wolf, Hunter, after the brutal wolf-like attacks that left New Orleans in an uproar. But when her team calls with news of vampire slayings, Sasha knows it’s only a matter of time before another war breaks out among the supernatural denizens of the world …

The vampires are nobody’s ally, but the cold-hearted deaths of their own kind make them even more bloodthirsty than usual. But who is the culprit? With the Seelie and Unseelie courts claiming innocence and aligning together, Sasha’s team is at a loss. Until they discover that they’re facing ancient creatures from the depths of hell itself, bent on unleashing pure fury …

Other books in the series: (Linked to Amazon)
Bad Blood (Crimson Moon, Book 1)Bite the Bullet (Crimson Moon, Book 2)Undead on Arrival (Crimson Moon, Book 3)Cursed to Death (Crimson Moon, Book 4)Never Cry Werewolf: A Crimson Moon Novel

More books I obtained this week: (Linked to Goodreads)


SheWolf: True Mates #1

ebook, 119 pages
First published December 18th 2007 by Freya's Bower
ISBN 1934069906 (ISBN13: 9781934069905)

A small town veterinarian has a big time problem. She's not human.

Plagued as a child with an extra-sensitive sense of smell, strength, and eyesight, Anna Callaway always thought she was special. But she didn't understand how special until she met Kieran Hunter.

He insists they are True Mates, but he's not human either. He's wolven.

Kieran is a protector of his race. No longer the Alpha of his pack, he spends his time searching out and punishing any who may reveal their race to humans. While patrolling, he finds two wolven about to kidnap Anna. He battles to protect her, but is surprised to find himself drawn to her in a way he never expected.

The couple must learn to deal with their differences before they can address their similarities. But when three men kidnap Anna, she must decide if she is to embrace the wolven way of life, or return to her quiet existence. And whether to abandon the man who claims her as his True Mate.

"Prove to me you are my wolf."

I found this series when I stumbled upon book two, Dark Succession, starring Ryland and Nora. Imagine my surprise when Ryland shows up in this book on the verge of raping our female protag, Anna.

Escaping for some fresh air outside a male review, Anna is cornered by Ryland and Joshua, two wolven who seek a female to birth a child for their dwindling race. Despite Ryland's claim of her, Kieran arrives, fights Joshua, and becomes Anna's savior.

Throughout the assault, Anna swears she's infertile, making the declaration in attempt to buy her freedon. When she repeats it again later to Kieran, he's taken aback. Perfect 'Yes, I am/No, You're Not' moment there.

Anna is a tough woman and she comes into this new existence with a fury. As she meets the pack even Kieran sees the alpha in her. And an alpha, in his mind, he is not. It makes for some tension that is only survived by throwing Ryland back in his face.

So yays for SheWolf. I loved this story for catering to the mindset of the only the strong survive and the better man wins. There's a moment where Anna allows Ryland's kiss as her body responds to his suitability as a mate. Then as she forces Kieran to accept what he is, she makes him prove himself worthy of being her choice. So it can't be said I don't respond to a strong female. I'm just very choosy. Most of them just piss me off. Not Anna.

I did want to bitch-slap Kieran though. Don't change her, they tell him. Had me questioning what I had read. Surely he would not change her with this kind of situation looming over them. What does he do? He changes her. What happens then? The inevitable. 4 out of 5 stars.

“Get out,” she growled. Kieran watched in amazement as her body moved exactly like a shewolf. Her shoulders rose while her head dropped. She glared at the man from beneath shuttered eyes. She stalked him smoothly. Deadly force was packed in those muscles. A shocking sense of pride mingled with his own desire to kill Ryland. With one finger, she poked Ryland in the chest. “I told you that it’s the bitch’s choice, and I do not choose you. Get out.”

Ryland tossed his head. Kieran reveled in the frustration clouding the wolven’s eyes.

“This is not over,” the blond said through clenched teeth.

“Yes, it is,” she said with finality.

Slowly, he moved away, and once he was safely out of the door, Anna slammed it shut. For a moment she stood, a hand resting against the wood blocking out the rest of the world, the other raking her hair from her face. Seconds passed like minutes, and she stayed perfectly still. Kieran took a step toward her, and she turned.

His lungs squeezed the breath from his body. Her face flushed with the heat of desire, she stepped toward him. Her movements were different than they had been just moments before. Her shoulders squared, and her chin lifted. Hips swung enticingly, her steps slow and sure. A soft rumble sounded from her chest. The scent of her arousal filled the room, nearly overpowering him in her sweet desire. She licked her lips suggestively.

“You would have killed him,” she whispered.


For the first time, confusion speared Kieran. He sensed her anger, but anger wasn’t what he saw on her face. “Why?”

The question caught him by surprise. Why, indeed? “Because he wanted you. You are mine.”

“Am I?”

“Yes.” He barely recognized his own voice.

Her palms touched his cheeks. She stared into his eyes. “You would kill for me?”


He felt the shudder that ran through her body. His gaze rested on her lips—swollen and hungry for his kisses. Kisses he craved to give. But he would not start something she wouldn’t let him finish. “I don’t know why, but I find that an incredible turn on.”


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Parajunkee's question: If you have, or would have a daughter, what book would you want your daughter to read?

My answer: I don't want a daughter. Never ever ever ever ever.

Book Beginnings

Currently reading Something Wicked by Michelle Rowen which begins...
"Would you look at his place? Equal parts lust and desperation. It's fantastic."

Left For Undead: Crimson Moon #6 *spoilers*

Left For Undead
Crimson Moon, book six
Mass Market Paperback, 320 pages
Published September 28th 2010 by St. Martin's Paperbacks
ISBN 0312943024 (ISBN13: 9780312943028)

Secret government operative Sasha Trudeau earned a long vacation with her lover and fellow Shadow Wolf, Hunter, after the brutal wolf-like attacks that left New Orleans in an uproar. But when her team calls with news of vampire slayings, Sasha knows it’s only a matter of time before another war breaks out among the supernatural denizens of the world …

The vampires are nobody’s ally, but the cold-hearted deaths of their own kind make them even more bloodthirsty than usual. But who is the culprit? With the Seelie and Unseelie courts claiming innocence and aligning together, Sasha’s team is at a loss. Until they discover that they’re facing ancient creatures from the depths of hell itself, bent on unleashing pure fury …

Bad Blood (Crimson Moon, Book 1)Bite the Bullet (Crimson Moon, Book 2)Undead on Arrival (Crimson Moon, Book 3)Cursed to Death (Crimson Moon, Book 4)Never Cry Werewolf: A Crimson Moon Novel

I love this series, but there is a hellalot going on, so I have to tell it like it goes. For my own sanity.

Hunter and Sasha are home from their extended vacation from the craziness that is their lives, still hot for each other as ever, when they receive word that the queen of the Unseelie has arrived at her ex-husband's castle, claiming to need aid and that she has been framed for opening Vampire resting places to the light of day. Cerridwen (the queen) and Sir Rodney (her ex) have major issues but manage to forgive the past in this present time. Garth, Rodney's adviser and ally to Sasha and Hunter, still doesn't trust her. With good reason. She's one crazy bitch.

And as we find Crow Shadow again, he's in Vegas. Getting married. Which nobody but Bear Shadow and Crow's very human, very pregnant, future wife Jennifer knows about. Sasha seriously needs to take a hand upside her brother's cranium.

Then there's Shogun. And while chemistry between he and Sasha still taunts me in sadistic ways, he's back with his own problems. He either marries a full blooded wolf shifter or is cast out from the pack, to which he is Alpha, and marries Amy Chen (the girl who was possessed by Shogun's evil aunt in the last book), producing half breeds from their union. Plus, she's Chinese and he's Korean. So that's a no-no on a human level.

Which all leaves marriage and babies the overall theme of what I suspect, and hope, will be the final installment of the Crimson Moon series since there's only so much a woman can take. The plot derives from the loose ends left over from the previous book as the demons seek payment for their actions in Never Cry Werewolf. I would have thought becoming mates would have cemented Hunter and Sasha's relationship but apparently there will always be scars from the past. Sasha really did hurt Hunter and he deserved a lot better than her trifling ass.

My one objection to the book would have been Shogun's wedding night. I so didn't need to be apart of that. 4 out of 5 stars.


Waiting On Wednesday: My Demon Saint

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My Demon Saint
Shifting Reality, Book 2
Genre: Paranormal Romance
ISBN: 978-1-60928-248-6
Length: Novella
Publication Date: November 16, 2010
Blurb taken from Samhain Publishing

Would you like to play a game?

Saint is half human, half demon…all trouble. With his roommate Thomas mated to Margo, and Mac on one of those long, lonely, feeling-eternally-sorry-for-yourself vampire vacations, Saint is on his own and restless.

A lovesick shifter’s request to locate a woman isn’t exactly his idea of fun—he’s no matchmaker—but he agrees. And finds not only his quarry, but a whole lot more than he bargained for: a top player in his own online game that, until now, has somehow escaped his notice. A woman so tempting that when she touches the keyboard with her fingertips, he can feel it right down to his bones.

Housebound for the last few years due to an accident, Ume’s only distraction from the endless physical therapy sessions has been an online role-playing game. When she logs in this time, though, something is different. She finds herself lost in the game—literally—and falling for a mysterious warrior on her way to face the Demon King in his lair.

And that’s before it gets weird.

What are you waiting on?

"Here kitty, kitty. You know you wanna play."

Book one, My Shifter Showmance, was amazing! Thomas, Saint, and Mac are pure hilariousness and oh so sexy fun! My review can be found here and you can read more about it on Goodreads here.


Eye of the Beholder: True Destiny #2

Eye of the Beholder
True Destiny, book two
ebook, 113 pages
Published October 19th 2010 by Samhain Publishing
ISBN13 9781609282271

Travis Yardley-Rudiger deliberately stayed away from Jamie Grimm, desperate not to pull her into the petty little war of wills between himself and her grandfather, Oliver Grimm. Unfortunately the reemergence of Baldur and Loki and their claiming of Jamie’s sister Jordan put her squarely in Grimm’s sights. Her torture at Grimm’s hands ended with Travis determined to claim and protect the woman he’s loved for years, but how will she take the news that Travis is actually Tyr?

Jamie isn’t certain what’s going on, but one thing is certain: Travis’s stand-offish attitude has done an abrupt one-eighty. He’s even gone so far as to move with her into her sister’s condo while she convalesces. And when he reveals who, and what, he is, Jamie is left to wonder what the Norse God of Justice could possibly want with a crazy redhead with severe family issues?

As far as he’s concerned, it will be Travis’s pleasure to show her…

She leaned across the desk, her eyes diamond bright. “Explain to me how I have three non-humans, one dead, two living, in this file folder.”

“You’re really good at Origami.”

One page in and I managed to be introduced to a variety characters, most with aliases that span lifetimes. To put it mildly, I was *so confused*. Eye of the Beholder is book two in the True Destiny series. Having skipped book one, I expected some 'what the hell is going on?' moments but learning that Jamie had literally been crucified in the last book had been quite the 'oh really now' revelation. And that was only the beginning of her torment. NOTE: She didn't die.

Travis was once Tyr and married to Zisa. Zysa was killed in the war centuries upon centuries ago and Travis has never loved again until he found Jamie. Jamie is Jeff's twin sister and together they are the younger siblings of Jordan who is married to Logan (Loki) and Kir (Baldur). Jeff and Jamie are ignorant to the fact that everyone else, including their grandfather Grimm, is some level or form of a god/goddess.

This isn't so much Travis and Jamie's story as it is just a continuation of a series wherein the two just happen to hook up. The romance is there, but barely, and the heat level is somewhere around an eight. It's basically about a group of gods battling the god of gods and there's a police investigation involved.

My first draft for this post consisted of what appeared to be rambling sentences at second glance as I dared to comprehend the stark madness of falling into a series midway and being thrown seven different characters on the very first page. Seven characters who very much stay together with you throughout the story, rarely dispersing from the group.

Dana Marie Bell once again delivers her real world humor with a rich cast of very active protagonists. The plot is simple but necessarily so as it contends with the disorientation brought on by so many players. It does wrap up nicely although the war is far from over. 3 out of 5 stars.


Tempting Grace: Vaughn #4

Tempting Grace
Vaughn, book four
ebook, 70 pages
Published August 25th 2009 by Samhain (first published 2009)
ISBN13 9781605046556

Since a car accident left her unable to have children, Grace Vaughn has hidden her heart behind a wall. So far it’s held strong, and no one complains much—except the few men she dates.

Now that fortress is crumbling thanks to Jackson Hill, an annoyingly attractive man who makes her imagination go wild just watching him in the office. He’s practically bullied her into attending a Vegas conference with him. Three days alone with the delicious Jackson—in Sin City, no less—is sure to push her right over the edge.

With a loving family, a decent bank account, a nice set of clubs, Jackson’s life is almost complete. Except for the missing piece. Grace. She sets a fire in his blood, and the conference is the perfect crowbar to get past her defense mechanisms. It’s time to see if the bump-and-grind potential in that booty of hers can be channeled into something a little more satisfying than looking.

He’s got just the tactic to get her to let down her guard—and hopefully her panties. A wicked bet. Because if there’s one thing he knows about Grace, she can’t resist a double-dog-dare…

I chose not to do a review post for book three in this series, Taking Chloe, but it was a very good read and definitely better than the first two books. This one however, knocked them all on their asses.

Three years ago, Grace suffered a car accident that left her in the high risk department for failed pregnancies. Since then, she's felt lacking in the woman department even though she's only twenty-two and not looking to start the family chapter of her life anyway.

Then, a year ago, she met Jackson Hills, who starting out very coyly flirting and being just damn near perfect. Then somewhere in between that time and present day, their relationship evolved into verbal sparring matches and quick jibes aimed at getting beneath eachother's skin. Jackson knows what he wants, and isn't hesitant at all about admitting it to her, her cousins, or anyone else for that matter. Grace is the problem here.

She clasped her hands in her lap and just barely kept herself from saying something she’d regret. “The only problem I have is that you can’t take no for an answer.”

He chuckled. “Really? Because I don’t recall asking a question.”

My favorite scene involved chocolate cake. Grace just wouldn't take the freakin' cake and it pissed Jackson off. Ticked me off too. What is it with women and turning away perfectly good, perfectly delicious, chocolate cake? Just eat the cake! And while you're at it, if the guy wants to molest you a little, well let that happen to!

With a good share of humor, light bondage, and well maintained chemistry, Tempting Grace is my favorite of the Vaughn series. 4 out of 5 stars.


Jimmy: Red, Hot, & Blue #3

Red, Hot, & Blue #3
Published October 19th 2010 by Samhain Publishing
ISBN13 9781609282295

Social butterfly and a soldier in the Special Forces—a match made in…bed.

Special Forces gave Jimmy Gordon the undercover skills of a chameleon, but nothing prepared him for Amelia Monroe-Carrington, the governor’s hot, redheaded daughter. She thought she was seducing a banquet waiter, and he let her.

His next assignment pulled him from her bed and into the worst six months of his life. Images of Lia were what kept him alive imprisoned in Kosovo, and even now he’s home and recovered, she’s still in his head.

For her father’s political career, Lia has always done the appropriate thing, right down to dating a senator’s son. Her one rebellious act, an incredible night with a totally inappropriate man, ended when he disappeared. And then never called.

When they unexpectedly meet again, the pull between them is stronger than ever, tempting Lia to stop sacrificing her own happiness for the family dynasty.

This book has been previously published and has been revised and expanded from its original release.

Warning: Contains incredible one-night-stand sex hot enough to withstand time, distance, and some really nasty terrorist torture.

So Trey moved at a moderate pace in the relationship department, given the circumstances anyway. Jack moved slower than a lame turtle when he finally took his eyes off Carly and fastened them to Nicky. Now, Jimmy takes off at lightning speed as he throws himself in bed with the governor's daughter the first night he meets her.

Okay, so to his credit, Lia was the aggressor. And yet, two things: One, with each book that comes in this series, I like Jack less and less. (I actually rooted for him in book one. Now I want to use him for target practice) Secondly, I'm just not a fan of the Gordon brothers at all. It's the southern drawl, I tell you. The story itself is great. The heat level is so-so. The graphic details are left out and the biggest rush is the fast pace. The characters are amusing, in a cheesy sense of the word, but you still want to smile as they find their HEA. 3 out of 5 stars.

Jared, the youngest of the Gordon brothers is the focus of the next book and I am *still* waiting for the computer god's story! Come on! Show Matt some love!!


Fated: A Doomsday Novella

A Doomsday Novella
Kindle Edition
Published October 11th 2010 by Shayla Black

Kari Keswick and Ronan Wolvesey burned for one another, but a deadly family curse targets their love with destruction. Will magic tear them apart?

Never having read anything by Shayla Black, I was more than pleasantly surprised by what I found in this free read of hers, a small part of her Doomsday Brethren series. Wizards who discover their mates by taste. Hmmm... Both intriguing and delicious.

While there's an underlying romanticism to a man taking the wrong woman to bed only to assuage the ache for the one woman he can't have... it's also pathetically disgusting. So, Ronan had two strikes against him before he even got up to bat with me. Of course nothing pales the hate for one man as much as the driving force of hate for another. Damn that brother of his. Grr!

Kari has been in love with Ronan for a while now, but won't allow herself to grace his bed where hundred upon thousands of women have already been. Meanwhile, a different lass every night and Ronan still can't shake the 'fever' he has for Kari. When Tynan, another wizard, confesses that Ronan's fit sounds all too much like the familiar feelings Tynan himself had when he found his mate, it gives Kari the courage to test Ronan with a single kiss.

And we spiral from there.

Contending with a curse that will end the life of any woman a man of Ronan's family takes to mate is nothing compared to the hell they endure at Ronan's brother Rydan's and their father's dumbass interference. Friggin' men! Doing stupid things with the best intentions. Story of their existence.

This was a great read. Magic. Curses. Animal instincts. War. A Brotherhood. All amazing ingredients to make up an awesome read. Shayla does well in throwing the reader through the love-hate loops and her characters are very well developed. It's obvious that each has a story to tell with all the baggage that comes with it. 4 out of 5 stars. Putting the Doomsday Brethen on the TBR for 2011. I don't think I can handle any more of that drama this year.


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Upcoming review:

Lycan Lover & Lycan Lust

Lycan Lover
ebook, 48 pages
Published January 12th 2010 by Amira Press
ISBN13 9781935348726

After her last boyfriend hid the fact he was married, Karen Samson decides to take a break from dating. Lately she’s burned out and bored with the daily humdrum routine of life. The only thing breathing spice into her ordinary existence is erotic dreams of a sexy green-eyed man.

After suffering years of loneliness, Anthony Wolfson finds his mate, Karen Samson. The problem; he’s werewolf, she’s human. His instincts scream to claim her. His need to protect urges him to woo her. Unbeknown to him, fate has another plan for them involving a young, cocky werewolf and a dark alley.

At a Halloween party with her two best friends, Karen finds the green eyed man that has been haunting her dreams for months. But all he asks for is one dance, and then proceeds to disappear once more into the shadows.

Anthony has been aware of Karen for a year but has put off claiming her after he found out about the painful break up she endured. She wanted time alone and he's given it to her. But when she shows up at the party dressed like a hotter than hell hooker, he can't keep away.

But later, as Karen walks home, her life is threatened and though Anthony intervenes, he's not enough to stop her from being assaulted and left changed into the were that he already is. An honor that should have been his. (The changing part, not the assaulting part. Duh)

I loved this little novella by S.K. Yule, whom I've never read from before. Anthony had all the best intentions and yet they were completely blown to hell by an arrogant half brained cub who just wanted to fuck around. The romance was sweet and the intimacy was mildly graphic and pleasing.

I want an epiphany like Karen's. When I find out wolf shifters are real, I want it to be when I've been turned into one. Wouldn't that be the ultimate surprise. 4 out of 5 stars.

Lycan Lust
ebook, 72 pages
Published July 9th 2010 by Amira Press

Rindy Trenton has been running from werewolves for most of her life. When she comes face to face with one by the name of Brent Falls, her whole world is turned upside down when his protective nature and touch inflame her.

Brent Falls has been searching for his mate his entire life, but he never expects to find her in the form of a werewolf-loathing, blonde spitfire named Rindy, who is hell-bent on hating him.

Can Brent convince Rindy that not all werewolves are monsters? Can Rindy overcome her life long fears, and accept that Brent loves her?

Brent is on the hunt for his mate. Even after he's found her, it's a constant there one minute, gone the next kind of chase. Despite being raised to command and conquer a female, Brent seeks a partner. Someone to respect him and love him. And so he walks the streets of Atlanta, following a scent that fades in and out.

While Brent and Anthony share many similar characteristics, Karen and Rindy are total opposites. Rindy has fight in her. In fact, she decks Brent the minute she sees him.

Rindy remembers all too well the day she realized the existence of lycans. They had come for her, and murdered her mother and sister to keep her.

I found this story far more amusing than the first. While Karen swooned at Anthony's affectionate words, Rindy reacts to Brent's heart-kept confessions with a what-the-hell-is-wrong-with-you look. Of course, that doesn't stop Brent gushy emotions.

He felt joy course through him. He wouldn’t be alone any longer. He’d have a mate to love, to cherish, to protect. He’d have someone to hold at night, to hug, someone to talk to. He’d have someone to run with in the woods . . . maybe. He’d been so excited over finding her, he’d never thought of her reaction once he told her he wanted to change her.

I would have liked Rindy to contemplate being changed a bit longer and was surprised to find telepathic conversing in Lycan Lust as I don't remember it being addressed in Lycan Lover. This gets the same rating as the first but was undoubtedly the better read. 4 out of 5 stars.