The Billionaire's Mate

The Billionaire's Mate
Published April 2010 by Siren Publishing

At 42 years old, Margot Jackson is convinced she’s no prize. Divorced and struggling to survive, all she is looking for is a job as she's almost given up on finding a man. At a job interview she finds herself turned on by Adam Thomasson, a 35-year-old billionaire.

Adam, an alpha-male shape-shifting wolf, has been looking for his mate his entire adult life. He knows Margot is his mate before he even knows who she is. He falls in love with her vanilla-cinnamon-honey scent. She thinks he’s crazy when he tells her they’re meant to be together, but she can’t deny the overwhelming attraction between them.

Will Adam be able to convince her they’re meant to be together? What happens when a female shape shifter gets in their way? Will Margot acknowledge the love she has for Adam before it's too late?

When the voice in Margot's head challenges her to say aloud what she wants in life, the girl doesn't even need to blink. A well-hung, filthy rich man into the paranormal that knows what a woman needs, great sex and all. Proof enough that romance novels can rot the brain.

After divorcing a man who never let her work outside the house, I expected a woman damn ready to stand on her own. However, I found Margot's willingness to fall under Adam's safety umbrella a bit disgusting. Oh sure she had some words but the fight was not in her.

Adam has spent his entire adult life making the money he would use to care for his mate when he finally found her. And when he does, as Margot is interviewing to be an assistant at his company, he doesn't even a waste a moment claiming her and shoving two million dollars into her bank account.

I don't typically have much against a relationship being rushed where shape-shifters are involved but Margot's lack of self integrity and Adam's not so sweet words of love managed to turn me off to the whole story. Plus, Margot just grossed me out. 1 out of 5 stars.

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