New Release! Best Kept Secrets by Evangeline Anderson

No one- NO ONE -can keep you on your toes better than Evangeline Anderson. One day, it's 'Coming Soon' or due out 'Sometime in....' then Bam! Here it is! Today, I found this on her website, released yesterday and not even on Goodreads or Amazon yet!

Best Kept Secrets
Evangeline Anderson
Loose ID
Published February 25, 2014

Cassandra and Josh are xenobiologists. Traveling around the universe searching for new forms of life is exciting and Cass is never lonely because Josh is there. He is sweet, funny, kind and handsome…everything Cass has ever wanted in a man. But he’s also her stepbrother. There’s never been anything but normal affection between the two of them…until they encounter the truth plant of Svortza 6.

The truth plant is said to have strange properties—it forces all who come in contact with it to act on their deepest emotions. Cass is skeptical of the rumors until Josh is sprayed with the plant’s secretions and begins having fugue states where he is a mindless creature bent only on satisfying his sexual hunger.

Now, trapped on an alien world, Cassandra is learning a lesson in submission and forbidden lust. She knows she must keep Josh’s actions secret from him or he will hate himself forever. But some secrets are just too big to keep…

Note: Carrie and Josh have no blood ties and their relationship is fully consensual; however, some readers, particularly those with a history of sexual abuse or incest, may find this story disturbing.

What else can EA do better than anyone else? Write a forbidden, step-sibling love affair. Oh damn, I'm off to get my copy and I highly suggest you do the same here.

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edit:: Goodreads link here.

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