Newly Released: Sword-Bound by Jennifer Roberson

Sword Bound
Jennifer Roberson
Tiger & Del, book seven
Kindle Edition, 353 pages
Published February 5th 2013 by DAW
ISBN 9780756407964

For the first time in years, life seems settled for Tiger and Del. They run a school for sword-dancers in the South. They're raising a two-year-old daughter. They collect income from their interest in a thriving cantina. Occasionally Tiger must dance against sword-dancers bent on killing him for forsaking the oaths and vows of the circle, but for the most part it's an idyllic life. Until Tiger's twenty-five-year-old son accuses him of being "domesticated."

Thus challenged by his own flesh-and-blood to reclaim his legendary status, Tiger, accompanied by Del and his son, embarks on a journey northwards that will test his sword skill and resolve, and lead him and Del into danger from an old enemy. Though Tiger had forsaken his magic years before, he now faces the choice to reclaim it, and to wield it, in order to save those he loves.

Color me ASTONISHED! A series that spanned six books with multiple re-releases that survived decades... is BACK! Jennifer Roberson's Tiger and Del series has yet another installment in Sword Bound, which picks up two years after the completion of the last book which was released back in 2002!

I read the Tiger & Del saga through its volume releases way back in... hell, I don't even know. 2006, maybe? These two had one hell of a journey together. I still remember when he thought she was leaving him for who turned out to be his son. And I even remember the scene where she told him she was pregnant. "You don't drop a baby, Tiger." Ah, it's going to be good to have Tiger and his bascha back!

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