Targeted (Brides of the Kindred #15)

Evangeline Anderson
Brides of the Kindred, book fifteen
ebook, 474 pages
Published July 24th 2015 by Smashwords Edition
ISBN 9781311280473

A warrior sworn to kill or die trying…
A woman going through a deadly transformation…
Can they reach safety together?
Or have both of them been Targeted for death?

Emily Brooks is just an unremarkable girl living a boring existence--she teaches kindergarten, has a small house on the north end of Tampa, and tries not to envy her sister's perfect life. But Emily holds a remarkable secret within--one that won't stay hidden much longer. She is about to become something and someone completely different--that is, if she lives long enough to undergo the transformation.

Tragar is a Beast Kindred with tragedy in his past. Pain and loss have driven him from the Kindred way of life and into a new career--that of a deadly Verrak assassin. The Verrak take an oath to kill every target they contract for or die trying. Now Emily is in his crosshairs but the moment he gets close enough to her, his sharp Kindred senses tell him something is different about this particular target. Emily is a Khalla--a rare female who some say embody the essence of the Goddess herself. She is a treasure beyond compare. Tragar is well aware that his own choices have left him unfit to serve her but at least he can protect her until he can find someone worthy on his home planet of Rageron.

Rivin Tragar is a Verrak assassin with a new contract on the life of Emily Brooks, a nobody kindergarten teacher living in Florida. Despite having never failed to eliminate his target, as it would mean his very life if he should, Tragar finds his will to take Emily's life strangely torn. She doesn't look like the monster Two described. She certainly doesn't act it.

That is, until Emily finds herself reunited with the man who raped her back in college. As the "other" living inside her comes out in full force, driving her to rip the guy's throat out with her teeth, it's Tragar who finds himself with the compulsion to step in and actually protect the woman he was sent to destroy. And once he's actually close enough to catch her scent, he finally realizes why.

Emily is a Kallah, a sacred female of the Beast Kindred. Having long believed herself human, she's slow to accept the seriousness of the stature and the very real danger she is in. Tragar is not the only assassin coming for her. And the "heat" she's in the first of four stages of is altogether another threat with a chance of impending death.

This wasn't among the best of the series for me. The passion was lacking due to the very minimal romance between Emily and Tragar. And since Tragar was already bonded once, his part in their relationship was extremely methodical. In better news, we are introduced to Rone and Kate, the protagonists of the next book, and it's done in such a way that I was seriously thinking I had missed an installment because they're already mated. Of course, their bond is now in need of some emergency mending after suffering an attack meant for Emily and Tragar.

All in all, 3 out of 5 stars.

Dear author, please do the world a favor and never stop writing this series! But please DO find the time to write a sequel to Purity.

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