The Alpha

Finished up CRUX ahead of schedule, and since CROSSROADS isn't released to midnight, I decided have a snack with THE ALPHA.

And damn it, if I didn't go from Andrew JACKSON Holt to JACKSON Creed.

What's with the name Jackson? And Marcus? I keep finding those over and over again.

Opens up with Deanna downing a three shot latte - never will understand the lure of coffee - and leaving a coffee shop. She's obviously on the run from or for something. Outside, Sheriff Jackson Creed, asks if she needs any help. His scent screams 'wolf' and also, 'alpha'. Hers screams fear.

She assures him she's just passing through, not a threat to his pack, then while fighting the urge to submit and rub herself all over him, she faints. Yeah, faints.

Jackson loads her in his jeep and takes her some place safe. Home.

This was a really good story. Finally, a 'Jackson' worth panting over.

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