First, she escapes being raped. Then, she survives a car crash that has left her face scarred. Eight months later, she walks into her friend's living room to get together with some gal pals and is met with the stench of blood, piles of hacked body parts, and the sound of a man humming.


The villain in this one is a true, sick son of a bitch - a serial rapst/murderer that has mommy issues.

I would have like a longer transition from friends to mates with Eli and Nikki. And I damn well would have liked to know what Tieran named Caelan's son.

All in all.. very good sequel! Though I do believe Caelan was the better lover. Although Eli was more adventurous with his surroundings. Why is this the first story I've read where sex on a desk was involved. It's a classic!

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