Mackenzie is on the run from a deranged fanatic named Marcus who keeps telling her she's his destined mate and they're meant to have very important children. She's taken in by Nicole Peyton, a bar owner, and her very close band of friends which includes Jackson Hult, a private investigator/spellcaster.

Nick (Nicole) is a wolf shapeshifter, as is a couple others. Everyone has some type of power. And Kenzie learns that she does to. She is a rare cougar shapeshifter. As is Marcus. So Marcus is the 'son' of the bad guy, Charles Talbot, who's out the keep their race alive, hence the arranged marriage of Marcus to Kenzie. There is a huge backstory to this one. And lots of entertaining characters, including of course Nick (wolf shapeshifter) with her crush on Derek (possesses magic, also turned werewolf by a rogue wolf)..Derek's cousin Kat (also, Jackson's secretary)... Alec, (wolf shapeshifter) which is Jackson's partner... Mahalia, Jackson's former mentor, and her lover Steven (shapshifter, and Charles Talbot's nephew)... Then there's Nick's very powerful twin sister Michelle and her bodyguard, Aaron Spencer. I'll stop there, but that's not all of them.. It's actually not all that complicated.

Jackson is a Georgia boy, who flirts constantly. Two strikes immediately against him.

The third strike comes after actually meeting Marcus who turns out to be a loveable sweetheart who just happens to be apparently brainwashed.

One of the best scenes was after two days of being forced to sit on their hands, Jackson is a ball of nerves. He and Alec end up bickering, and soon it comes to blows. With Mahalia, Nicole, and Michelle standing by placing bets.. and Michelle offering up Aaron for the fight as well.. the three guys have a brawl on the deck of a rented cabin. YAY AARON!

Yet, in a world of witches, seers, psychics, wolves, and cougars... you would think the one casualty we had would have been taken down by something a little more wow-ing than a fucking bullet. RIP, man.

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Did you like the book?? I'm considering reading it..maybe..