Force of Attraction

Lt Commander Bradiainn Janelle is in a world of hurt.

His destined mate is engaged to his best friend.

Then their ship takes a hit and seventy-five percent of their crew is killed. Bradi manages to help save Peter and gets him aboard a pod to safety. He goes back for Marissa and together they too manage to escape the doomed ship.

But then their pod overshoots their destination and Bradi finds himself on route to his home planet and the frost is quickly dropping the temperature in the pod. Using his supernatural heat to help save Marissa as she lies unconscious on the floor, things really go to hell. As she stirs, she calls out to him to make love to her. His hidden inner beast can't deny his mate, and soon, Bradi has betrayed his best friend, taken his mate's virginity, and claimed her as his wife.

The last thing she mutters before passing out completely is 'I love you, Peter.'

Ouch. Talk about making a guy want to curl up and will himself to die.

This one takes place months after the first book. We meet Nina and Lorelei again and find out that Bradi is Lorelei's twin brother. Actually, all the kids are twins. Three sets I believe, though the youngest girl is questionable to that.

Stergian played a more interactive role in this one. He must have given up with the mind control mumbo jumbo, cuz in this one it was all about draining life forces. And I must say, Christian was a much better guy too.

And I can report two things. Lorelei had twin boys, which were unnamed when we last left them. And Marissa gave birth to Eli Bradiainn Janelle. Which we might not have known if not for the epilogue. Weird, cuz I always associated the epilgoue as a bonus to the story. But it was *very* crucial to the story. It was the damn ending!

Better than the first. Although I'd probably take Sevan over Bradi. Sevan owned his feelings. Bradi put up a front. That bad boy, playboy defensive shield would make me wanna stab a guy in real life, but having Bradi reeling inside - the old tormented soul I have a weakness for - made him a great contender against Sevan. And I am partial to panthers in comparison to lions. Hmmm...

"Yeah, it's real funny that you broke me."

"Mmm, no part of you seems broken to me, Janelle."

"Then you've not looked closely at my heart."


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