Heart of the Wolf

Years ago, Devlin saved Bella from the wildfire that destroyed her red wolf pack. Since bringing her home to his family of gray wolves, the alpha, Volan, has wanted her for his own.

Bella's love for Devlin can't give him the strength to fight Volan, and she'll never accept Volan as her mate. She decides then to take a human as her mate and change him, thus sparing Devlin his death and keeping herself free of Volan.

Of course, as misunderstandings are bound to happen, Devlin is convinced she only wants a human to mate with and has no feelings whatsoever romantically for him.

When Volan and Devlin spy her attempting to seduce a young human, Volan gives Devlin orders to capture her while Volan himself hunted down the boy and slaughtered him. That night, Bella ran from her pack... and Devlin.

A hundred fifty years later, or one aging year (go effin figure).. Bella gets herself locked up in a zoo where Devlin finds her. She's also found by fellow red wolves who all want her for their mate. There's also a killer wolf on the loose trying to change a red haired woman to be his mate.

The characters end up going in circles a lot, and doing some pretty dumb things. Bella never really gets a lot of faith that Devlyn can defeat Volan, and it irks him to the core.

I would have loved to be in Devlyn's head when he found the refrigerator. That was probably the best part of the book. That, and the "Bad Bella"'s..

In the end, all the bad guys die, and Devlyn and Bella live happily ever after. With triplets.

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