Her Wolf: Westervelt #1

This one sounded so good. And I'm all for a simple story, but this one came up lacking on all accounts.

Suffering from stress-induced delusions after a bad breakup with her fiance, Ashlee gets a volunteer job at the local zoo. There, she's smitten by the lone wolf that won't interact with the pack. When she vocally expresses that he needs a new pack, she's shocked to hear him reply in her mind.

From there, Tristan, 'Trip', informs Ashlee, she's his mate. And that he needs to get him out of there. Very little resistance later, Ashlee's world is turned upside down when she learns that Trip is one of the Royal Six, the six sons of the once reigning Alpha.

Thirty years ago, Trip's father got involved with a some really bad people and was convinced to allow them to do scientific tests on himself and his pack. When a witch got involved, the Alpha had her put a hex on the pack males. If they didn't obey, and submit to the tests, they would be cursed with the urge to kill their mates, thus making want to kill themselves once their mate was dead.

Blelieved the curse is pretty much over, Trip and Ashlee perfrom the mating ritual.. only for Trip to awake the next morning with a voice in his head screaming for him to kill his mate.

I didn't like how they talked to their wolves as if they were possessed. I did like how the brothers acted outside of the current time period. One of the brothers even still bowed when introduced to a woman.

I did like the end.The pack has been broken for too long. Even though all the brothers want the eldest, Michael, to step up as Alpha he feels the role isn't meant for him. It's meant for Trip. When Tristan finally steps up, and Cullen steps up to traditionally challenge the wolf that seeks to be Alpha, it's a bit heartfelt. Cullen is the oldest of the pack. And he's ready to die. Tristan feels that this is Cullen's own ritual suicide.

Then.. Summer (Ashlee's younger sister) speaks, and Cullen's head whips around so fast the earth gives a jerk. Cullen has found his mate, and so Trip forces him to yield and to live on.

The writing style isn't to my liking. Much like YA.. which is why I typically stear clear. But it was good enough a story that I wan't to continue the series. Bring on Cullen and Summer's tale.

Tristan roared. No one was to speak of Ashlee to him. He wanted her dead. “I was
not trying to kill myself. The cold water drowns out our father’s voice. It makes me want
to not kill her. I was just going to stay there permanently.”

Azriel, his eyes gone wolf, growled at him. “Has the spell fried all of your brain?
You cannot breathe under water, Trip. To stay under water would mean death, you

Rex loomed over him. “What do you hear, Trip? Who is controlling you? Who told
you to knock out Parker? Why did you burn down our home?”

Tristan snorted. “Our Alpha told me.”

Michael glared at him. “I have told you no such thing, Trip.”

“You are not my Alpha, brother. You do not want the job. You are nothing.”

Rex and Azriel bellowed, the white light forming around them as if they might shift.

“Do I lie, brothers? Could this happen to us with a strong Alpha who controlled and
protected his pack? I love our brother, but he is weak, and he has failed us.”
Michael’s eyes were huge as he stared down at Tristan. “I never wanted this job. I
am not meant to be Alpha.”

Tristan shook his head. “Then we are all doomed. You should have left me to drown
in the water, where at least Ashlee would be safe.”

Kill her.

Tristan shook his head, and his brothers stared at him blankly. “I will not.”

“To whom do you speak, Trip?” Michael stared at him and Tristan didn’t need to
read his mind to know that he thought he was crazy.

“My Alpha, my liege, our father.”

Tristan watched as Michael turned to Azriel. “Call Gabriel. Find out if Ash has the
witch yet. I don’t think we have much more time.”

Kill her.

Tristan closed his eyes as the slow burn started again, and this time when he
screamed, three sets of eyes stared down at him in horror.

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