His She-Wolf Warrior

Mate sighted. ATTACK!

Okay, don't attack necessarily. But seriously, these Marisa Chenery books get down to the point quick!

Eli York is the last of his siblings to find a mate. He's also the last, or in the minority, of them being mortals. While having a drink with his brother, sister, and their mates, he spots a female werewolf across the bar, Saskia, along with her six men-in-arms.

Saskia and her brothers have been trained to protect the chosen one. That being Roxie.

The best part of these stories though is Billie. The youngest and only girl of the York siblings, she's also the most vocal about sex. No matter who is around. And it's kinda crazy that she's mated to Royce who is the great, great, great, etc grandfather of Roxie. Gotta love that slow aging process of theirs.

This one ended much more abruptly than the last. And there wasn't really a true ending. The threat is still out there. It wasn't even confronted. Not really. Eli was turned though. At least something was achieved.


Redd said...

Heh....this I am glad to know. I'm as far as the sortasex in the closet at the gym. XD Gotta luv spoilers.

Ragan (Location 2571) said...

I'm always good for spoilers. =)