Hungry Like A Wolf

Claire is a witch in a family that long ago made a bargain with the local wolves to offer a female of every generation in the pack's traditional Mate Run.

After the Coven chooses Claire, the witch with the least amount of power, to participate, the Alpha assigns his son, Nigel to guard her should any of the males due to run seek her out before they had the right.

Because of the few amount of females, the males eligible for the run are chosen based on a lottery. Nigel's brother, Taylor, won the ticket in his place.

Despite the feelings that grow between them in the weeks prior to the Run, Nigel can't bring himself to go against the pack and take Claire for his own. And although Claire wants nothing to do with the family that blackmailed her into this mess, she won't go back on the word she'd given.

Nigel leaves the pack, transferring to his uncle's territory. Claire runs, and ends up Taylor's mate.

Then, two years later, Taylor is dead, having been killed by a drunk driver, and the Alpha contacts Nigel, calling him home to take his brother's place, in every way.

Another good, simple read. Shocking at first, then cliche in the end. I hate the concept of gay wolves. That shit ain't right.

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