Man From Nowhere

Just coming off a bad relationship and stuck in a work-related nightmare, Trish Devlin doesn't need more stress. So when she spots a stranger lurking outside her home, it's the last straw. Yet she's drawn to this compelling man who claims to have visions of her impending murder and offers protection.

Grant Wolfe can't explain why he feels compelled to defend the skeptical beauty, but he ignored a premonition once before—with deadly consequences. Can he convince Trish that his visions are based in an all-too-dangerous reality—or will the killer get her before their love has a chance?

Grant and Trish are, beyond a doubt, the most educated, open-minded characters I've ever come into contact with. And Gage, the cop, too.There aren't that many 'are you crazy?' moments, and when you're talking about precognitions, and hunches, and just odd sixth senses, it's rare for people not to respond with the famous 'wtf' line...

I was very happy with the end. Nothing wild and crazy. The story progressed slowly, much as it would in real life. This is a story that could *so* happen.

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