Mated To A Wolf

Three months ago, Finn York became someone's sick attempt to turn mortals into werewolves. He very nearly succeeded.

Now, he absolutely abhors the stronger sense of smells he's been gifted and the visions (which his mother suffered from until she went mad) that have been unleashed.

Despite the fact that his sister and all of his friends are werewolves, Finn wants nothing more to do with the kind. Until he catches the scent of a waitress named Jocelyn at the Wulf's Den.

Fighting the urge to take her as his mate is only the beginning. Once he succumbs to his instincts, Finn finds that his disgust for the shifters is wholeheartedly mutual when it comes to Jocelyn's uncle.

To save his mate, he must become what he hates most.

I first came across the series with Beowulf & Roxie.. which I think is the first in the series. I know Finn's sister, Billie, has her own story and I'm very tempted to search it out.

I liked this one. It was a quick read and quick to the point. Didn't take much for Finn to throw in the towel. The next story is his twin, Eli's.

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