Paranormal Payload

Um... I'm thinking I missed a chapter somewhere....?

What happened to the bad guy? He was.. and then.. she was... and then.. Samson.. and...



So, I don't know how I wandered across this one. Honestly, I've got so many books piling up, I don't know which way is left or which way is right anymore... don't get me started on 'up' and 'down'.

In Paranormal Payload, Sevan and Lorelei have been dreaming of one another for the past six months- sharing very vivid, very real dreams. When Sevan's ship's fuel tank takes a random break, he ends up at Lorelei's space station and comes face to face with his dream girl.

Those two were great. As was Jordon. The fucked up history Lorelei shared with just about everybody around her was a bit much.

I was left with a *lot* of questions.

Like, what did him having a tattoo of a woman and panther say that meant he and Lorelei had bonded?
(2) And, why was Sevan jumping back and forth with his emotions. I know Lorelei wasn't exactly giving him much to go on, but wtf was his roundabout face, 'I'm not playing your game anymore' bullshit about?
(3) Why didn't Lorelei respond when Sevan called her a slut, when supposedly Streigen was partly controlling his mind.

I don't get it.

But what I did get, I liked.

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