Prey For The Wolf

Hunters. Murderers. The ominous words echoed in his thoughts. Tormenting him. Taunting him

Kane Steele is alpha of the Montana pack, a pack of warriors and their families. Now Hunters have arrived, seeking the annihilation of their kind. Kane and his wolves are ready for battle, ready to defend their mates, pups, and territory. But Kane isn't ready for Bethany Garett.

Forced to infiltrate Kane's pack to save her brother's life, Bethany has managed to win the favor of Kane's brother, Ethan. Engaged to the beta wolf, Bethany doesn't anticipate the sudden attraction she feels to Kane. Though I think the feeling hit Kane the worst.

So Kane makes a decision. He doesn't like how Bethany affects him. And he doesn't like Bethany with his brother. So... Bethany has to go.

After a fight breaks up at the local night club, Bethany has to force herself not to run to Kane, and instead, to Ethan. I liked this scene. Kane is... hawt. The way he prods at her to get a rise at her temper is wicked. When he suggests she kiss his boo-boo (a broken lip), and she actually does it, in front of Ethan, I didn't know how to react. Ethan isn't very territorial at all. Makes me wonder why he's doing with her at all.

Bethany and Kane are wondering the same. Both find his lack of possessive instinct confounding. Something Kane has in abundance. As the story progresses, you know something's up with our dear beta as he separates from Bethany more and more. From the bar fight, where he immediately leaves her side and Kane instinctively holds her back to protect her... to Ethan actually arranging for she and Kane to be alone without him.

And at the very end, it's ridiculous how deep Ethan's little conspiracy went.

Ethan shrugged. “No problem, sweetheart. I can deal with him later.” He grinned. “Come on, let’s go home. You can nurse me and make me feel all better.”

“Yeah,” Kane said softly. “I like the idea of Bethany kissing our boo-boos and making them feel better.” He locked his stare with hers, a lustful heat simmering in the smoky blue depths. “Ethan only has a black eye. My injury is a bit more serious.” He touched his bottom lip with a finger.

Later, she couldn’t have said what possessed her to do it. But before she could stop herself, Bethany locked gazes with Kane and then stretched up to place a soft kiss against Ethan’s closed, bruised eye.

Then…she took the step to Kane. She leaned close, breathing in his male scent, the heat of the fight still lingering in his sweat. Closing her eyes she touched her mouth to the outer edge of his bottom lip. The kiss was brief and butterfly soft.

She felt it all the way to the bottom of her feet.

And Kane’s shocked, half-gasp, half-growl reverberated through her like a knife straight to her soul.

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