Savage Retribution

First things first, I love the name of this book.

So... an animal activis/zoologist named Regan breaks into a sadistic werewolf's animal research lab to break free the animals. Of course, she doesn't know he's a werewolf, so she's not *that* stupid. Shot at, nearly raped, she gets away with the help of a large black wolf who rips the throat out of the three night guards.

She awakes the next morning to find the wolf has followed her home. As he whimpers on her couch, she inspects his wounds. Then as his bones stretch and move beneath her hands, he suddenly becames a fully naked man.

And all she can keep screaming is 'Where is my lizard?'

Of course, in short time, all he keeps screaming inside his head is 'She hit me!' while gritting out that he never saw, or smelt, any damned lizard.

I don't know what it is, but I'm tickled when characters spend paragraph after paragraph shouting the same crazy thing. I can relate to the madness.

As we follow the Australian, Regan, and her Irish werewolf Declan... we also follow Regan's older brother, Peter, who is a cop. Poor guy gets a new partner the same day his sister goes missing (as Declan kidnaps her to keep her safe)... and his head's all screwed up.

I just wish the author wasn't so obsessed with boobs. WAAAAAAAAAAAY too much nipple sucking. *shudder*

"Excuse the cliche, Paddy, but I do know how to take care of myself."

"Against a human," he said, stare fixed on the road, " I don't doubt it."
"I've sent you reeling twice."

"More than twice, Regan. Every time we touch you send me reeling. Which is why I have to take you some place safe." he continued. "So you can keep sending me reeling for the rest of forever."


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