Storm Warning

This series has the most beautiful covers, albeit with strange mouth positions.

This is Drew's story. We know very little about Drew. One, he's always the guy willing to take on an out of the country mission while the other guys stay home to deal with their women. Two, thanks to Brax's mind reading skills, we know Drew hasn't gotten laid in nearly three months... although he's the notorious womanizer of the clan.

This guy's got secrets. And after a couple of chapters with me screaming at Corvis, demanding to know who Molly was... although my brain was 99% sure already cuz, c'mon what else makes a single guy go from screwing every woman he meets to being completely celibate ... I finally found out.

Then, forced to take some time off, Rae sends Drew to a resort where he meets a journalist named Blair Murphy - Braxton's sister. Of all the women out there! Jeesh. So now, with Drew contemplating hanging up his sword for Molly, Blair gets attacked, and turned, by a Storm Demon. One man going out. One woman coming in. Or not...

This one was what the others should have been. Kudos to Drew and Blair for finally pulling off a decent captivating story.

Makes you think... how do you react when your five year old daughter (who you've only known for two months) is having visions of the demons you spend your days vanquishing. And she's taking it better than you are. "Duck hunts are wild, Daddy." Cryptic little thing.

*Awaiting books four (Rae's story..with Parker, I presume) and five (Darcy's maybe?).

Notes To Self:: (Destroyers, and the the type of Demon that initiated them)


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