Five years ago the man she loved died in her arms. Or did he?

Jordan MacAdam is a cop that lost her partner/lover, Gage, five years ago, when something unnatural to this world took his life in an attack. Since then, she has battled the demons she now knows exist.

Then, during one of those battles, Gage returns.

Recruited as a Shadow Destroyer, Gage has spent the last five years working with some of the most entertaining characters as they battle the most mysterious ones. More than almost anything he wants to go back to Jordan, but after leading the demons to his cousin's home where they killed him shortly after, Gage isn't willing to chance her life. Little does he know someone else has already introduced her to his new world.

This one bored me. Braxton and Quinn were about the only thing that kept me entertained, and thankfully, book two is their story.

It takes forever, a day, and two minutes, for Jordan to finally get over it that Gage played dead for five years. Or so it felt that long.

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