Wolf Reborn: Westervelt #3

One, beautiful cover!

This is Theo's story, the fourth born on the Royal Six of the Westervelt pack. In the last book, during a battle against demons, Theo was suffered hellish burns that have left him scarred when he saved Tristan's son, Braden, from capture.

Also in the last book, Summer found one of the missing female wolves. Her name is Faith. Faith didn't know she was a wolf, and wasn't all that excited to find out she was one.

After Theo's... incident... he went lone wolf. Told the pack to forget about him and went off by himself on the other side of the island. With the acid's destruction of his flesh, he also felt his mind slipping from him. To protect everyone, he chose to disappear.

It's been six months since the last book. Ashlee is now pregnant with her third child, and Summer is carrying her first. Faith has come to the island, finding no mate, and has taken over Theo's old job as head of island security. Until she saves Theo as he nearly drowned, she didn't even know he existed.

This book is more, I guess, mysterious than the others. Turns out, when the demon scarred Theo he was actually 'choosing' him to save their race. We discover this during a strange time jump as Theo and Faith revisit the place in time when the Institute burned down for the second time. (The first time, it burned by Tristan's hand when he got pissed that Ashlee had left the island when he was trying to kill her.) So yeah.. poor Institute.

"Why didn't you say something then?"

'Because I'm mad at you'

"How is that even possible? We're two halves of the same person" Theo's mind whirled.

'I'm a wolf and you're a jackass.'

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