In Heat

Don't fight me.

Kim is just another victim of recurring dreams. A hot guy, whose face she never sees, touches her in ways no man has before. Problem?

Actually, there's a couple. For one, there never seems to be actual intercourse, so she's always left wanting more no matter what happens. Secondly, she's never seen his face. And lastly, and this may not be so much of a problem for you or me as much as it is for Kim, but the guy in her dreams keeps sprouting black fur.

Just another day in Kim's plain, boring life, she goes to work at the law firm that can't seem to take her seriously. There, behold, Erik Blackwell emerges as their newest client. Sexy, black hair, golden eyed, Erik. With the voice that matches her fantasy man.

Cool air bathed him, carrying away some of his tension. He closed his eyes to make most of the feeling. It was such relief after the closeness of the lift. He gave a brief glance at Kim and then paced along the length of the roof. The whole of London was laid out before him, shimmering in the heat. The sun beat down, warming his back as he walked. He didn't know why he'd asked for a place to smoke.

He didn't smoke.

For twenty-seven years, Erik has been dreaming of his mate, the entirety of Kim's life, while resisting all other women as he waited to find her. A panther shifter, this boy is obsessed with the sensual color black, and appears to slip into heaven while basking in the sun. He's a romantic though. No rushing anything sexual here.

With just enough boyishness and desperation that I love in a guy, Erik was wonderful! And the club scene was H.O.T.

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