Tor: Viking Master

The cover of this one freaks me out, so I ain't posting it.

When Tor comes upon the Saxon woman who killed his brother, he takes her as his slave to make her pay for her crime.

Maida is innocent of the murder Tor accuses her of, but until she can convince him of the truth, she must endure his torment.

When the Viking jarl finally realizes his mistake, he also knows he’s fallen deeply in love with Maida. But if he frees her, how can he keep her?

Okay, that last part, the whole - when he realizes the truth he also realizes he's in love with her - that's crap. He's confronted with the truth fairly early on.. and when his wounds prove to be near fatal, he comes to see Maida's a very sweet-natured, caring woman. He's been alone since the death of his wife not too long ago, and he comes to have a second chance with Maida.

Too quick for comfort. It's pretty much one chapter then a jump ahead 8 months for the finish.

I did like the visit back to old Denmark. I do sometimes miss my Vikings.

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