They called her vicious.
They called her vindictive.
They called her violent, volatile…
But Graeme Lawson, arrogant bastard he was, he had simply called her his…

If there was a better way to wake up, Graeme wasn’t so sure he wanted to know.

Three years ago, Graeme Lawson was killed by the woman he loved. A knife to the back. Since then, he's been in Purgatory.

But now, he's been given a chance at redemption by going back, and giving Vixen, his love and murderer, a chance at salvation. With a different body, shorter and thinner, but the same neon blue eyes, it doesn't take long for Graeme to find her, but he's not prepared for the air of grief that surrounds her.

Vixen is an assassin. She spent her life on the streets as the daughter of a drug addicted mother who finally overdosed and Vixen was left to stealing to survive. That's how she first met Graeme, who loved her the moment he slapped eyes on her.

Graeme is what nearly every woman wants, and what no assassin needs - a guy that can read your every move. In his new existence, it's even worse. Every sense he has is heightened. He can hear her every word. Even some inside her mind. But the powers that be didn't send him back completely uncontrolled. They'll only let him do so much.

I had my hesitations starting out this one. I mean, the guy's already dead, what kind of happy ending are we looking at here? For the first half of the book we're basically reliving their lives and their life together. I must say, the sexy stuff is top notch.

Near the end, I was flabbergasted as I experienced that moment when a slow smile stretches your face and you find yourself mouthing the words 'no way' as everything comes together so beautifully. If you've ever seen even one Saw movie then you know what I mean. All I wanted to do was crawl into a big blanket, wrap myself in its warmth, and sigh. Yes. Hell yes. The book was good.

The very end? I won't spoil it. It's too unexpected. Not all that huge a deal... just unexpected. You won't see it coming. So I hate the cover, have a mild dislike for the title, but absolutely love love love the story.

“Don’t look away,” he whispered. “You gave me this…and I want all of it.”
The pain was just a whisper at first, but as he pressed deep, deeper, it grew, hot and vicious, spreading through her. She cried out and closed her eyes.

His voice cut through the hot wash of pain. “Look at me!”

She did…and she found herself lost in his gaze.

“I want it all,” he repeated. “I want the tears. I want to feel it as your body tries to accept me, accept this…and I want to watch you as it happens. You gave me this—you can’t hold anything back. Not from me.”

“It hurts.” She hated the whimpering, pleading tone of her voice, but she couldn’t stop it. Nor could she look away from him as he forged deeper and deeper, claiming her one slow inch at a time.

“I know it hurts.” He dipped his head and nuzzled her neck. “And bastard that I am, I can’t even say I’m sorry. I’m glad it hurts, glad this is the first time for you…glad I’m the man having this, having you…and damn it, Vixen, I’m keeping you.”

The in-print cover, shared with Talking With the Dead. Much better!


Anonymous said...

dammit, i'm reading this tonight! don't move it or anything!

Ragan said...

Fine, but I warn you. I may have exaggerated on this. When I like something I tend to like it more than the average person would. But... after I finished it, I didn't want to pick up another book for a while. Still in the afterglow. Haven't picked up another yet...

Anonymous said...

*chuckle* afterglow. damn B. lol.

after reading, I am unsure as to whether I really want to read it or not. Why?

eh, too much drama...it's rough as it is with this thang with Severn, Kaylin, and Nightshade. I think I'll be too f'ed up to read this...heh..