What's A Ghoul To Do

Can't say much more than the synopsis does...

She's the only mate he wants. But love isn't on the menu.

Fangly, My Dear series

Lilith P. Graves needs to get a life. A social life. This shouldn't be a problem, since she's partnered with her best friend in the "Fangly, My Dear" dating service. Problem is, she keeps falling for the wrong guys, and they don't get more wrong than the super-hot alpha Rafe Graywolf.

With the history of bad blood between her kind and his, the message is clear: Vegetarian demi-ghouls need not apply.

Obeying the call of duty, Rafe took the role of alpha at a rough time for the pack. For the sake of stability, the elders insist he find a mate. Now. A dating service isn't normally his cut of steak, but he has little time-or choice.

But Lilith...now there's a choice morsel he could sink his teeth into. Too bad they're on opposite ends of the ghoul-werewolf social spectrum. Not to mention the food chain...

Lilith is given a strict guideline of what the elders are looking for in a mate for their newly made alpha, Rafe. Too bad, Rafe doesn't want a mate. That is, until he meets Lilith.

Even though she knows, and he knows, that the pack would never accept her as their leader's mate, it doesn't stop them from sharing a night together.

Then Rafe's pack goes into battle against wolves fighting for their territory.

It comes down to Rafe choosing what's more important to him, being alpha, or being with the woman he loves.

Cute moments. Cheesy moments. Times of chuckles and gasps. All in all, good story. *shrugs*

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