Come To Me

Of all the P.I. offices in all the world…

Why did Lizzie Porter have to waltz into his? Wary loner Sam Travers always had a soft spot for Lizzie—and now she's grown up, with the curves to prove it. But to move on his old partner's daughter would be oh-so-wrong….

Except that Lizzie won't take no for an answer. She's discovered that she might have a half sister. And she's not going to let anyone stop her on her search—even Sam!

The plot thickens when someone takes a shot at Lizzie, and Sam volunteers to move in with her—just to protect her, of course. And as they puzzle out the truth, he wonders just when he'll dare move out…

Lizzie has had a crush on Sam since she was fourteen. He was married and her father's cop partner at the time. Now twenty-four, Lizzie has discovered with her father's death that there's a long lost twelve year old sister of hers she didn't know she had.

It's been years since Sam has seen Lizzie. Now, thirty-two years old, Sam's been divorced for six years and owns his own PI service. He's beyond shocked to have Lizzie appear at his office looking to hire him.

He finds she hasn't changed. Still talks a mile a minute and says whatever is on her mind. Even if it isn't all that pertinent to the conversation. Although now, she's taken to carrying a purple Taser. Yeah, don't mess with a interior painter with a purple Taser.

Another one finishes with a ring on her finger. *happy sigh*

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