Going The Distance

The ultimate battle is waged with one's heart.

Paranormal Deathmatch, Book 1

Extreme fighting champion Quinn Padgett once had it all. Fame, fortune, freedom. One fateful night it was all stripped away, and for two years the alpha male has endured a torturous life, doing the bidding of a madman in a different kind of ring. The Deathmatch, where the only rule is kill or be killed.

It's as primal as it gets, and Quinn must draw on all his werewolf instincts to survive. Especially with Carri. Her very presence brings him to his knees, demanding he do all to protect her.

Carri had no idea how close danger lurked until she witnessed her boyfriend's sick idea of -entertainment-. Now all she wants is to get away from the bastards who are hell-bent on ridding the world of that which they do not understand. But her boyfriend's reach is long-and brutal. Quinn is her only hope. And the only man who awakens a fire within her, body and soul.

As Quinn and Carri go on the run in a fight for their lives, they find themselves engaged in an even deeper and more dangerous battle-a battle of the heart.

Warning: This book contains a kick-ass alpha male, a crazed madman, towel-dropping sexual tension, smokin-hot sex, a woman who is more than capable of taming the beast, and the normal -Mandy- death, destruction and mayhem.

So... MMA meets werewolves.. then it becomes Fight Club.

Quinn is happy being a champion and spending his days and nights training. The last thing he wants in life is a wife with kids. Then, one night while exerting himself with his regular workout he hears something feint in the distance. He tells himself to ignore it. It's a woman screaming. No big deal. There's a theater house near by and it wouldn't be the first time he'd heard strange scenes being acted out.

The wolf part of Quinn, though, is in full alert. The woman is his mate.

This was a very good story. A man finds the last thing he thought he'd ever want only to have it ripped away. He spends the next two years as a slave in an underground world where he's pitted against other shape-shifters in underground matches to the death.

The ending is a bit abrupt and while I reason out Quinn's quick change of mind and wants, I would have thought Carri would be a bit more hesitant in falling for a guy after being with another for three years. She moved on quick.

“What does claiming me mean?”
He sighed. “That according to the law of my people,” he stalled a moment, “you’re my wife.”
Her silence worried him. He’d overheard the remarks Mickens had made, hating how right the man had been. It wasn’t as though Quinn really knew Carri, and he had brought her to a dump. She was accustomed to better and deserved more. “If you want, I can take you to my place. Crosby said they kept it the way it was because they couldn’t agree on getting rid of it. He tells me that my finances are all still in order. I can give you the life you want, Carri.”
She ran her fingers over the back of his neck and into his hair. “Look at me.”
“I can’t.”
“Why?” she asked.
Because when it comes to you, I’m a coward.
He didn’t respond.
“Quinn,” she said softly. “I don’t care about your money. I care about you. There wasn’t a night that went by since I met you in the alley that I haven’t thought of you. You’re more than I imagined or ever hoped for.”
He closed his eyes and nodded, emotions lodged in his throat. “Yeah, umm, back at you.”
She moved around and stood before him, her palms on his chest. “Back at you?”
Blinking, he licked his lips, staring down at the beauty who was his wife. “I’m not sure what to say here.”
“How about I think I can learn to like you?” she prompted, the gleam in her eyes impish. “Or, I can possibly see myself spending more than a night with you?”
She was baiting him hook, line and sinker and dammit if he didn’t enjoy every second of it.

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