Heart of an Assassin: Daughters of Lyra 5

Princess Natalia, one of the beautiful and strong daughters of Lyra, has spent her whole life on Lyra Five behaving just as a princess should, except for one thing. After her daily duties she sneaks out at night to sing in the bars of Lyra Five, pretending to be someone else. Natalia loves to sing, more than anything else in the galaxy, until the night that Ixion, the handsome commander of the royal assassins, comes to the bar to bring her home.

Ixion is the only man Natalia has dreamed of since she first saw him seven years ago, but she’s sure he doesn’t notice her and she’s determined to change that. But Natalia couldn’t be more wrong.

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I think this one was the first of the Lyra series that I stumbled upon. It's a bit off the beaten path as the others. Natalia is another daughter of Balt and Kayla. Yes, there was more. Other then the twins Renie and Rezic, there's the boys Aiden and Ciel, and then Natalia. And she sings.

She's also fallen for the royal assassin. Ixion. Bred to kill. My kind of man.

It's rather obvious, if you didn't pick it up in the Heart of a Prince, that Balt's kids do whatever the hell they want. Renie and Rezic fly all over space. Aiden and Ciel are goof offs. And Natalia sneaks out the house to sing in the slums. Great job there, Balto!

Once again, it's a question of worthiness.

He looked away, berating himself for taking such liberties. Natalia was a princess. It was wrong of him, a lowly assassin, to look at her like that.
A dull ache settled in his chest.
It was wrong of him to love her.
It was torture.

But the girl can fight.

The look of sheer determination on Natalia's face only made her more beautiful. Her emerald green eyes sparkled with satisfaction when she landed a blow and a smile curved her delicate rose lips. Ixion pressed a hand to his chest, willing his heart to be still when it raced at the glorious sight of her. She fought with grace and speed, and with immeasurable elegance fit for a princess. She was stunning. If she hadn't captured his heart before that moment, she would have claimed it then.

Balt's turn to announce suitors...
"Natalia.” Her father's tone was cautious. “Is there someone already?"
Ixion's eyes widened. He watched Natalia closely. Her blush gave her away.
"Tell me, Natalia."
She shook her head and lowered it. Her fist came up and pressed against her lips. Ixion silently begged her to say the name of the male in her heart. He wanted to know who he had to kill. If it was anyone other than him, foolish dream as that was, he would see to it they disappeared.

And what an ending! Ixiom yelled at Rezic and Balt. You go boy! Show them the fearlessness of the assassin. Woot!

Then crazy Renie starts drawing laser pistols. C'mon! As if Balt is going to make any one of his children marry someone they don't love. He's the one that started all this!!

Needless to note, I still want Balt. Then Kosen. Then Ixion (oh wait! Lord Ixion, Knight of Lyra Five. Man got a title!) Then Tres. I'll leave the rest for everyone else. I'm considerate like that.

He was everything that she wanted.
Her Lover.
Her Lord.
Her Knight.
But above all else...
Her Assassin.

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