Heart of an Emperor: Dauhgters of Lyra 1

Princess Sophia, one of the beautiful and strong daughters of Lyra, has had it with the never-ending row of suitors that her father, King Sebastian Lyra I, has lined up for her. When the latest suitor turns out to be the emperor of Varka, a species known for their lack of emotions, nocturnal lifestyle and bloodlust, Sophia wants little to do with him.

Sebastien is now king of Lyra and has decided to assault his daughter with suitors from all over the galaxy. And a Varkan is next. But when Sophia is introduced to the Varken emperor it is his first assistant that instantly catches her eye and interest.

Regis, like his brethren, has never known love and believes it impossible for his race ever to know the emotion. He has, however, studied the idea of it. Corny the thought, though amazingly well written, there comes a scene in the story, when his willing of Sophia to come to her balcony isn't working, so Regis thinks upon a classic love story, and then begins to sing.

Laugh. Chuckle. Snort. At first I was about to do all these things. But it wasn't actually as cheesy as you might expect. Especially when Sophia cuts her tongue on his teeth and the bloodlust kicks in. That boy can ravage.

The expectant ending comes with a little more to top it all off. Definitely a fan of the Varkens.

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