Heart of a Prince: Daughters of Lyra 3

Princess Renie, one of the beautiful and strong daughters of Lyra, loves nothing more than exploring space with her twin brother, Rezic, but when they venture too close to the Black Zone, the barrier between Vegan space and the rest of the galaxy, things turn from exploration to a fight for their lives. With Rezic injured in a meteorite shower, Renie has no choice but to accept help from a vessel within the Black Zone, even when it turns out to be Vegan! Separated from her brother and taken hostage, to be held for ransom, Renie isn’t sure what she’s going to do…

Renie and Rezic are the twin children of Balt, the second son of Lyra. Since Sebastien has no sons, Rezic is the first in line of his generation for the throne, but he's just as content traveling around space with his sister Renie as archeologists.

When their adventures take them deep into space near the Vegan boundaries, their ship is hit by fragments of a planet being destroyed. Rezic is hurt and near death, leaving Renie to make an emergency call to anyone within distance.

Her call is answered by a ship on the other side of the Black Zone, and she is taken captive and thrown into a cell until she and her brother are ultimately ransomed.

There, she meets Tres, a prisoner in the cell beside hers. If there is any character I'm curious about in these stories it's Tres. He's altogether a new race. His complexion is a pale white with tips of blue on his nails, ears, and head. He's coldblooded. Has wings. And he possesses ocular implants.

Renie, on the other hand, had my fists clenching. The same question over and over. Over and over again.

Her. Males.

Tres frowned at the door to the cellblock and clenched his fists. The thought that she might already belong to another male infuriated him and his heart beat again, quickly followed by another. Two in as many minutes. If a male had her, owned her, then he would fight that male for her.

His eyes grew wide when he realised what he was thinking and he looked down at her. She knelt by the bars, her hands in her lap, her eyes round and dark as she looked up at him. He would fight for her. On this side of the barrier, such a fight would be to the death. If her male was large, Tres could lose, but he would fight regardless. She had him fascinated, a slave to her, enthralled by her beauty and her frailty. He wanted to wrap her in his arms and protect her from the darkness of the universe. He would protect her from anything.


"What do your kin call you?” he said and a flicker of shock crossed her face followed by a crimson blush that stained her cheeks. Beautiful. He had never seen a female react to him the way she did. He had never seen a female react like her to anyone. Were all females like this on the other side of the barrier? What was she like compared to them—strong, weak, loving, tender, cruel? He wanted to know. He was so tired of being trapped on this side of the barrier, surrounded by darkness and loneliness.

"Renie,” she whispered, as though ashamed to tell him.

Perhaps not ashamed. She cast her eyes downwards into her lap and twisted her fingers around themselves. Embarrassed? Awkward? All new emotions to him. There was none like her on this side of the barrier. Meeting her and experiencing this wondrous array of feeling had only strengthened his resolve to leave the Black Zone.

He moved to the bars and knelt in front of her.

"Tres,” he said and slid his hand between the bars, holding it out in what he hoped was a Lyran gesture of greeting. His knowledge of different species’ formalities had all collided in his mind and become tangled over the years.

She stared at his hand as though it was going to attack her.

Perhaps he had been wrong.

Her hand slid into his.

Tres's entire body jolted and tensed, a sweep of tingles racing through him, fanning out from the point where her skin touched his. She closed her fingers around his hand, her soft skin brushing his, creating smaller waves of pleasure with each tiny caress. His heart beat hard in his chest, pounding in his ears as he stared into her eyes, absorbing the divine feeling of her body against his. For a moment, he forgot himself, lost in the feel of her hand in his, her gentle touch. He had never been touched before, not skin on skin. It was forbidden for anyone to touch him. As a child, those who'd had to touch him had worn gloves, and since then he had always been wearing his thermal suit when he had been touched.

Not that he had ever been touched as intimately as this. Anything more intimate than touching his arm or shoulder was forbidden also.

It had a nice ending. There were a lot of things I loved about Tres. His hunger was deep and vivid. I still prefer Kosen though.

"Deep space has turned my children insane,” Balt muttered.

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