Midnight Cravings

When the craving takes hold, the only thing to do is ride it out…

Patrolling Houston’s gritty supernatural underbelly has its perks. For Isla Alvarez, it’s working alongside nephilim SWAT Officer Jace Lane. Ruggedly handsome and possessed of mad skills, Jace embodies everything she’s ever wanted.

Unfortunately, the demonic blood pumping through her veins keeps them separated, since relationships between human descendants of archangels and demons aren’t actively encouraged. Staying away from him, though, is impossible after she winds up on the receiving end of a nasty sexual-compulsion curse, courtesy of a sadistic vampiress. Suddenly Isla is overwhelmed with a life-threatening lust only Jace can sate.

Jace’s principles were once strong enough to resist his longing for the alluring Isla, but in the face of her desperate craving, his desire breaks free—leaving him wondering if she’s not the only one affected by the spell. He’d be more than happy to satisfy Isla’s increasing need for sexual release, if they weren’t in a race against time to reverse the curse before it turns deadly.

For Isla, it’s not just her life she’s worried about losing. It’s her heart.

Oh so good! Action right out of the gate with fiery sex around the corner.

When the SWAT team gears up to take down a vampire prostitution ring, Isla ends up getting hit with a compulsion curse on steroids thanks to Renata, the vamp leader that slaughtered Isla's family and very nearly killed Isla herself.

Now, Isla and Jace have twenty-two hours, until midnight, to break the curse by killing Renata or Isla goes up in flames. Jace is a sweetheart that definitely shows his angelic side. Being part demon, Isla has some rather handy powers. The characters alone are worth a long series. With their semi-constant banter and kick-ass attitudes, I wouldn't mind if it took a couple books for them to actually get together. The torment would be worth it.

Jace gestured to the fidgeting couch-load of vampires. “And them?”
“Sister Marcie’s sending some of her people over right now. They’ll be fine so long as they follow her—”
An explosion interrupted Isla, throwing her across the room and into Jace. His arms instinctively curled around her body as he twisted to accept the full brunt of their fall. They bounced on the dingy carpet. After the initial chaos, Isla and Jace clambered to their feet. She shoved the baby vamps out of the way and rushed after Jace. “Stay here!”
“They blew up my fucking Tahoe!” Anger roiled beneath Jace’s features. He pulsed with angelic energy, the waves of fury burning her skin. “Demonic bastards!”

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